questionsdo you have a budget for this black friday…


My budget is 0.00 I actually work 9pm to 9am at walmart for this black friday. I will most likely spend probably 50 bucks on movies and such.


My budget is $0.00*!

*After mail-in rebate.


"My budget is $0.00*!
*After mail-in rebate."
Me too, anything else I get is going to need careful consideration as an exception...I've actually got a couple of hundred dollars in rebate credits at a local store that I can't find anything I want to buy.
AS for movies, I haven't found one in the listings that I'm tempted by, though I did buy 7 during the last week at fairly low sale prices.


me too, “my budget is $0.00!!!!!!!!!" i just want to see the movie i'm longing for ……