questionswhere do i get my ps3 repaired?


Why not just use Sony? They might be a bit expensive but it might be worth the peace of mind to know that it will be safe.


its a simple fix.. i actually started charging $70 to fix this problem and i had no experience when i started cause there is no game stores around me that fix ps3's so i decided i would fill a need..just youtube its easy..the laser is 20-30 bucks on ebay. the diode just burns out or just too much dust. really not that hard. just go step by step pausing the video here and there and tape the screws down to a piece of paper so u dont loose them. save urself the trouble and money and just do it urself..i had no previous "electronic" experience..if i can fix it u can too


@jpinjpin: On disk readers sometimes the laser get stuck at 1 end. A little nudge on the tray (not the laser lens) and it may work again.


Last I checked, Sony repair on a PS3 is $99 plus applicable tax. They also send you a box and cover shipping both ways.

For what it's worth, I had this exact issue once. Try reformatting the PS3 before you send it off. It's worth a shot if it'll save you $100. Just pull the hard drive out (2 screws) and then turn it on. Then turn it back off, replace the hard disk and power back up. Follow the prompts from there.

You may want to back up your saved game utilities via USB first though (if you care for such things).

Good luck!


@caffeine_dude: True tapping on it may loosen the laser being stuck IF it is stuck but ur not fixing the problem and its bound to get stuck again if thats whats happening. You would have to open the system anyway and and clean the rails that guide the ps3 laser back and forth as dust will have accumulated in there by now. Since you have it open to do that you might as well replace the laser as well. Personally i would go one step further and apply some mx-4 thermal paste to the gpu and cpu since sonys thermal paste is bound to dry up sooner or later leaving you with cracked solder under those chips causing ylod. Why send it to sony when 1) there is no guarantee you will get back ur same system. 2) warranty is only 90 days 3) if u are gonna spend 130 to send it to sony u might as well spend another 60-80 and get a brand new one with a 1yr warranty 4)u gotta wait however long to get it back when a novice beginner can do a laser swap in under and hr.... list goes on and on .....


We've got a local business that we turn to for video game system and computer repairs. It's a small business and the guy does great work, quickly and cheaply. I'd look locally instead of sending it off somewhere.