questionswhere is the best place to buy class rings?


HS? College? Guess it doesn't matter. I went with the jeweler the district contracted with for my son's HS ring. Not that he ever wore it... Sigh. For mine, I went with an outside jeweler because I didn't like the ring designs and I wanted something different.

It think it's up to taste. I won't promise this but there's a good likelihood that the place the school has contracted will have a pretty good price.


Back in high school we had a Jostens rep come to our school to pitch class rings. They can be pretty expensive (not sure how it compares to more private jewelers), however they are extremely customizable. Everything from stone color, size, inscriptions, sports, etc, options for just about everything.

That might be a good place to start if you are not sure what kind of ring you are looking for. Also if I remember correctly they have lifetime warranties to re-size the ring. Hope this is what you are looking for.



I should also add that if your school is associated with the Jostens organization it will be customized with your school name. However if your school does not have an association you can still do some customizing under the essentials section...


HS $350 for a silver one. Off to bed.


Back in the day, we went to Walmart's jewelry section for it. I don't remember a price, but it was massively cheaper than the Jostens option. I liked the options that Walmart offered better anyway.


@studerc: is an amazing site! You can see the ring your are 'building'. The cost is almost the same as the package deal from the school. Jostens's designs are much better then the handout he got in school.

@thunderthighs: I have seen kindergarden class rings.. crazy

He also really did not want one 'no one wears theirs.'

@sclark89: I went online and it did not seem you could customize the ring...

Oh ya I need to customize the ring.


@oheifearnain: Herffjones price was, imhop, high. The good thing about this one is if he looses it they will replace it for free in the first 6 years.

The Walmart one, I remember what was wrong with that one it did not have his zodiac.

This is too much work for something he will never wear.


Thanks for all your help!
I found:
and was the favorite but the June gem is too pink.

We are leaning on Joy Jewelers because kids do not wear the rings any more and most are not even getting them.

Any feed back?


@caffeine_dude: Nice find great price I think you are right, it is just a keepsake.