questionsany las vegas tips, deals, recommendations?


You might check this question, this one or this one. They have a lot of activities in them.


Cirque de Soliel's Ka is the best show we've seen in Vegas. Ellis Island restaurant is the best dining deal we have found in Vegas. Last time we were there they had a special: salad, steak, baked potato, green veggie and on-site microbrew beer or root beer for under $10.

If you have time and like to save money, let them try to sell you a timeshare in exchange for tickets to a couple of shows. You get to spend an hour or so in an air conditioned room drinking free sodas or coffee and all you have to do is politely say "no". I enjoy the tours of the properties, I especially like the Marriott's timeshare property.


I agree KA is the must see show in Vegas. The discount show to see would be blue man group. If you are staying at the stratosphere downtown "old vegas" is very close. That is a discounted version of the strip and lots of fun.

If you are looking for discount there is a sit dedicated to las vegas promo codes:
the same website has an app for when you are there.


I spent a week there with my family earlier this month. We saw 'O' Mack King, and Le Reve.

Mack King's Comedy Magic show is probably the best deal in town. Tickets are typically under 30 bucks and it is a great show.

O is a Cirque du Solei show and Le Reve is similar to Cirque shows. Both shows cost around $100 a ticket. Between the two 'O' was easily our favorite.