questionswhere do you find the $ off coupons for home d or…


Have you tried searching google ?

or Sunday paper ad ?


@magic cave: Thanks. I have found two on but when I have tried to use at the checkout the cashier always tells me, "This coupon is invalid because it has been mass produced on the internet. We can only accept originals of this." After feeling like a fool twice now I am hesitant to use a printed coupon..... I often find online codes here (deals.woot) and at
My original question is specifically referring to those credit card sized cards that are peel-off, flimsy and usually attached to the front of a publication. Similar to the Toys-r-us card that is attached to the front of their monthly Rewards-r-Us members publication (that you receive in the mail). If you know what I am referring to.?.?.?.?
Thanks for the links!


@ceagee: Google brings up every coupon ever posted and it's often difficult to actually find a link to a printable coupon. I've had limited success. Thanks


@jimmyd103: That kind of coupon is usually sent out by the corporation to members of their "clubs". I get them from Kohl's and Bed, Bath and Beyond every couple of weeks. Have you gone to the store's websites and seen if you could sign up for sale notifications?


@moondrake: Yeah I have the myLowes card and I am subscribed to both companies mailing lists/ online communities. Maybe it's more of a regional thing as the Lowe's I was shopping at was near my mom's house in another state?


@jimmyd103: Perhaps so. I only shop there sporadically so I haven't signed up for their clubs. I used to get discount cards from one of them, but they never came at a time when I needed them.


@jimmyd103: What you're now describing is not a "coupon" in the usual sense of the word. Instead, it's most often referred to as a "loyalty card" or something similar.


I've started using discounted gift cards for my larger home improvement projects. You can usually find Lowe's cards for 7% off or so, and up to 9% right after Christmas when people sell their gifted cards for $$.
Here is a site I use that links to other sites:

As for the coupons, the local Post Office used to give out "moving packets" which had 10% off coupons in them. Those $10 off $50 coupons come directly from Lowes, probably because of their MyLowes thing like someone already mentioned. Also don't forget you can get get 10% for a military discount.
I personally like to combine the military discount with discounted gift cards! :)


I asked about the military discount when I was at Lowes getting flood supplies last week. I was told it was year round only for active, retired or disabled and you must have a military/VA picture ID. On 4th of July and Memorial Day all vets can get the disount by showing their DD214.

You might want to check your local Lowes to see if they are as restictive as mine.

The ones from the Post Office now require you to actually change your address to get them.


1. Go to the post office and ask for a "Change of address packet"
2. They will tell you you can do it online
3. Ask for a "Change of address Packet Please"

The packet contains a Lowes 10% off any purchase coupon.

They send the coupon to your email address


@jimmyd103: Thank you for the additional information. You're correct -- I'd consider those as "coupons," since they're short-term items, rather than loyalty cards.


@jimmyd103: If you have a business account with them they send them out too. A commercial account I think they call it. When I signed up for mine they didn't require any type of business identification. I simply told them I was a sub contractor, which I am on occasion. I know people who flip houses and they have commercial accounts with them too, they do all the work themselves and they are not incorporated or have a business license so to speak.

Just another avenue to explore. I get the cards in the mail periodically, usually when they are pushing for more business or a seasonal sell. Some Lowes will not allow a military discount and a discount card, I know, and there is fine print to back their stance up. Now price matching and discount is not supposed to work either, but I have had it done on several trips.

Don't try to haggle with the clerk/register person, get an assistant manager or manager, or at the least the section manager. I deal with the head of tools and paint.


@jimmyd103: I got the project starter cards in the mail yesterday. Not sure why because I don't shop that often at Lowes. I can use them at Home Depot since they're not internet coupons. I sure wish the $50 off $100 Home Depot coupons would come back or the HD $5, $10 or $15 Zombie Mulch coupons. They were both fantastic deals. Keep an eye on SlickDeals because people do post Lowes codes they're not going to use. The Lowes $10 off a $10 purchase coupons were awesome too. I bought lots of stuff for less than a dollar. Add a deal alert on SD for 'Lowes Coupon' and they'll send you an email when a deal is posted.


@spacezorro: I tried this once and never received an email/coupon. Maybe because I already did it when I moved into my current house? It was really nice when the physical coupon was in the change of address packet years ago but alas no more.


@spacezorro: This is no longer true, at least in my area. There is now only an insert in the envelope encouraging you to register as a new homeowner on the Lowe's web site, after which they will send you a coupon.


I live in Las Vegas and 6 months I was at the post office I picked up 6 packets and there were actual coupons

The last time I got the packets (1 month?) there were unique codes that you had to register online with a unique email (I use

If they have changed it yet again I don't know

I usually use to sign up for crap.. it gives you a self destructing email


You can get fresh promo codes for either
10% off all orders
$10 off $50+ order
$20 off $100
and they work !