questionswhat is the most obscure song in your music…


Off the top of my head I would say Toy Matinee's Last Plane Out. I heard it on the radio once on my way home from work, there was a huge storm brewing and the lighting and air felt very surreal and here was this very strange song I'd never heard before (or afterward) on the radio. A snatch of the lyrics stuck with me--"we've got dogs and Valvoline, it's a pretty damned good time"-- and I finally looked it up and bought the download.

Oh yeah, and I heard this on a friend's MP3 player and had to have it. I bought it directly from the artist. You have to read the story behind it, it's great!
Brad Sucks I Command You to be My Woman

Great thread, by the way. I'll be watching it for new acquisitions.


I've got some early bootleg Mr. Bungle stuff and a couple of Smashing Pumpkins songs that were only released on cassettes that came with magazines. I'm sure I have some much more obscure stuff, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.


The most obscure song? -scoff- My entire collection would be obscure to all of you.


Hrrmm... I wouldn't know how to classify what as obscure. Like, not mainstream? Sure, I've got tons of that. But it's likely well-known to someone into that genre. I do have unreleased songs from un-signed bands, but that doesn't really count & it isn't available on the net. Soooo...

Ok, this poem-to-a-beat is gorgeous. It's one of those tracks to play when you're driving empty lamp-lit roads in a sublime late night hush, with your moving car the only barrier between the sleeping world & your soul.

This version of The Unicorns' "I was born
(a unicorn)"
is just ridiculous fun to sing along to. Especially driving around in sunny warmth with the windows down & self-consciousness melted away by pure childish joy.

And this 8-bit version of the Pixies' song "Where Is My Mind" is just the best determined-hero-fighting-epic-battle soundtrack to walking.


How about obscure albums? Humble Pie's "Town And Country", either of Seatrain's first two albums, or "Trilogy For The Masses" by Ford Theater.


I have a few albums that are relatively obscure. The Oxford American Southern Sampler CD has some obscure songs by famous people (Randy Newman, Tom Petty, Alison Krauss). I think this magazine releases a new cd every year.

I was a rabid Russell Crowe fan after seeing Gladiator and went to see his band (Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts) play in Austin, TX. I was one of a few thousand people who actually bought that album.

I also have a video of Stephen King's band, The Rock Bottom Remainders. None of the songs are obscure but it's surreal seeing some of my favorite authors playing in a band :-)


Heard this song while enjoying a free weekend of Boomerang years ago. They played this video between shows, and I immediately went and purchased the song. The video is pretty great, too.

Then I found another song by Soul Coughing that I bought just for the name alone:


Obscure where i am from:
This got me into jazz, I stuck with Blue Note (from what I remember) I am not sure what is obscure in the collection (if any).


I think my Dream 6 album must be pretty obscure, or at least used to be. I found an old mp3 of "Secret Life" a few months ago and had no idea who sang it, so I tried all the usual music identification services and they all came up short.

But now it's on Amazon and Itunes, so I'm guessing it'd be recognized now. It's like someone noticed I was looking for it and realized it's worth selling.


Gyllene Tider (band) Mr Twilight(song)


Given your "that you think is cool" qualifier, I'll assume I should skip the hand made by the band CDs and the very limited pressings of 500 or 1000 and go straight to the ones that you might have a chance of finding yourself?

If so, I'll start with the strictly commercial (no Frank, I'm not calling you out) and go with Hooverphonic's "50 Watt":

and double down with the wonderful Venus Hum "Hummingbirds":

Probably more obscure is Artificial Joy Club's "You're Too Good To Me":

This one isn't obscure internationally, but may be in this part of the world:

However, if we're going to go international then the Soto Koto band does a wonderful rendition of "The Power of Love" but good luck finding it, this will have to do instead:

I'll stop there since I'm out of room.


@joshaw: hey now! what'd i ever do to you?

and to answer the OP's question, this song:


@carl669: It just sounded like one of your awesome snarky comments. :-)


I'd have to say that mine is Major Tom by Peter Schilling.


I have lots of odd tracks that most people have never heard or would never believe someone has it in their collection.

Rasputin by Boney M.
The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup
Kick in the Ass by Moxy Fruvous
Bathtime in Clerkenwell by The Real Tuesday Weld (best seen on YouTube with the weird animations first)
Basketball Jones by Los Cochinos (Cheech and Chong)
Brazil by Geoff & Maria Muldaur
Theme to Godzilla by Akira Ifukube
The Doom Song by Gir (of Invader Zim)
Ice Cream and Cake by The Buckwheat Boys
Popcorn by Hot Butter


@scmtim: I have Popcorn by Hot Butter!!


Oh, oh, oh! I'm not sure quite how obscure it really is, but this one is like that plummeting sensation right before falling asleep that makes it feel like your soul is trying to jump free of your flesh.


@moondrake: I bought the CD when it was new, and agree! I say this not to be snooty but because I know from experience how hard it is to find someone else who knows of Toy Matinee and one must show respect when such paths cross.


@slydon: I'm not an album person except for soundtracks and Kansas. For some reason I tend to like the Kansas stuff on side two. So that's the only Toy Matinee song I know. But i like it well enough that of the 5,000+ songs on my HD, it's one of the 200 on my Sansa clip, my actual listening device.


Thunder Road, sung by Robert Mitchum.
When he was young, my dad ran moonshine over Thunder Road.


@scmtim: I have Rasputin. Don't have that particular Moxy song, but I have the Bargainville album loaded.

As for my obscurities:
Don't Go Home With Your Hard On, Leonard Cohen
The Bridge I Burned, Elvis Costello
Weird Al's cover of Radio Radio (not a parody)
and the first Psy album (only weird in the US)


@pitamuffin: I haven't heard Soul Coughing in so long I forgot all about them. Crank up the bass and check out Super Bon Bon. Listening to that again reminded me of the other bassey band I listed to around that time, Morphine.


Great stuff, everybody! Thanks for all the responses. I'll be busy looking up oddities today.

As for my own weirdness, I'll list:
150 Years Ago by Jupiter Coyote
The Little Blue Man by Betty Johnson
Cincinnati Dancing Pig by Vic Damone

Remember: Obscurity is in the eye of the beholder.


If you want some amazing bass, Les Claypool is the man. I have every album Primus ever did.


@hot72chev: I love The Little Blue Man and have rarely found anyone who heard of it, even in my age group.


I just browsed my collection and want to run these by you:

Poke Salad Annie by Tony Joe White
Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train by The Tractors
If Jesus Drove a Motor Home by Jim White
Sad Clown by Les Dudek
Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe
It's hard to kiss the lips by The Notorious Cherry Bombs
Give me back my job again by Carl Perkins, Bono, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and Willie Nelson
Barbara Allen by Emmylou Harris
Strange Dreams by Frank Marino
Hot Rod Lincoln by Pat Travers (Better than the original)
Love You by Jack Ingram
I found Jesus on the jailhouse floor by George Strait
Counting my lucky stars by Larry Bagby
Central Daylight Time by the Wrinkle Neck Mules

Most probably not that obscure, but at some time or another someone has said to me "I've never heard of that one." And I just felt like sharing them...something for you to look up on your lunch break!


Beer Drinkin' Woman by Memphis Slim
24 hrs (live) by Man or Astroman
Da Da Da by Trio
Regulate by Warren G


Most of my collection, really....

Any fellow Keller Williams Fans out there?

STS9 anyone?

Someone said Primus up about Oysterhead?

I love good music....


@goldenthorn: Rick Astley is supposed to be obscure? singing one of his signature tracks, I'm sorry but while the music is good it is about as mainstream as you can get.


An amusing and somewhat obscure song :Coin-operated boy by The Dresden Dolls.


@mybestuser1: Yeaaaah... uhh... you're being facetious, right?

If you aren't, then welcome to the internet: it's been around for a while!


@goldenthorn: Sorry My music is mostly cd, tape. vinyl, radio with Pandora mixed in. I missed this horrible trend of links leading to Astley.


Closer to Hogs by Nine Inch Richards


Kaizers Orchestra—Resistansen (Live at Vega, Denmark, 2006)

It's about as obscure as you can get—Norwegian band which blends Tom Waits with The Hives (and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds), bangs oil drums with crowbars as a common instrument, singing only in Norwegian, at some club I've never heard of in Denmark.

Back when we bought CDs in 2006, I had to order it from Norway. My credit card company thought my identity had been stolen.


Here are a few.
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She Said
Self - Pattycake
Church of the Red Museum - The Bay


I'd add this thoroughly hypnotic chant courtesy of Herbert Halpert and the Shipp sisters: Featured in the film The General's Daughter and found in the Library of Congress (#7) If you want obscure, Alan Lomax is a good source. But credit for this recording goes to Herbert Halpert.