questionsdo you purchase from any other deal-a-day sites…


I've bought from 1saleaday many times, without incident. I've ordered from dailysteals a few times (including the pet thermometer that's one of today's deals), with one minor problem that they resolved within a few days.

They're good for little things that you don't mind waiting on, but you're right. They're no Woot!


The only other one I've purchased from was teefury. It was a random shirt event. I bought 6 of them in the hopes that I would get some of the ones that they advertised as the ones that you would probably receive (they were all pretty cool shirts. However, I received two of the ones that were advertised that weren't cool, and 4 others that sucked too.

All in all, my shirt.woot, random shirt experiences have been way better. I might by from teefury again, but it would only be a specific shirt that I really want.


I have ordered from I got one of the mystery duffel bags from there. I got the duffel bag, a collapsible water bottle, a pack of playing cards, a Richie Rich comic, and a perfect brownie pan. I was pleased except that it took me almost 3 weeks to get it. I'd order from them again though if it was a good deal. I've also ordered from 1saleaday and never had any problems. I also order from and I am really pleased with them. The earrings have always looked like the picture and are good quality and the shipping is really fast.


though i check and rather frequently i always seem to buy the most from YUGSTER.COM the first thing i bought was a wireless "roadmouse" it was a 2011 camaro highway patrol car and after researching them it was almost half the price of any other sites, i have bought from them multiple times without fail


I, too, have bought from 1saleaday, thatdailydeal, yugster & dailysteals. Shipping is sometimes slow, but then it's sometimes slow for woot, too. Have not had any other issues w/any of them. Woot offerings can be higher in quality, but that's usually reflected in the price. Definitely no better place to buy wine than from woot.

Would like to mention there are other sites to consider, such as Tanga, Yugster & 13 deals. Remember that people think of woot as offering 1 daily deal, but in reality they offer 1 each for woot, kids, home, t-shirts, wine and usually sellout. Occasionally moofi, too. Not really 1 deal, but many.

Perhaps the difference is other sites will still offer an old 'daily' item as long as it's not sold out. I like that.


I can vouch for teefury--they have cool shirts and I've ordered from they a few times. I've never had trouble with customer service and I like the way their shirts fit (I know that's becoming a little bit of an issue here for some with the big switch...). I've also ordered from Shirt Punch, but only once. I like the shirt, even though it took forever for the package to arrive. I hear shipping is faster now, though, and they're a fairly new company. Overall, it's hard to beat Woot, with their variety of products, cool community, and helpful staff, but I think it's worth checking out other sites and branching out a little, too.

vote-for10vote-against Never had a problem. Bought probably 6-8 times over the last two years.

Best deal I got there was spotted here. They had a denimum jacket with Eeyore on it...the wife loves it still!


@mtm2: I too have bought from Graveyardmall and have had multiple problems. They are extremely slow shippers, and on more than one occasion I have received damaged merchandise. In those instances with the damaged merchandise, they quickly issued me a refund.


daily steals - good experiences
groupon - good experiences
living social - good experiences
google offers - one good experience
that-daily-deal - good experiences
meritline - good experiences.


@tarasadies: Like I said, no problems. Shipping all seemed to be 2-3 weeks; while not steller, I've had much worse and from sponsered deals here.


I used to be a yugster member before knowing about woot, and they had decent deals sometimes. Also sometimes they randomly pick a member to win the daily deal. They have something similar to Woot's BOC called Plugster's Junk box, but it really sucks (i ordered one before) and never has anything special in it like the BOCs sometimes, according to a lot of reviewers


1saleaday I have ordered from 2 or 3 times. The stuff was really flimsy or extremely cheap looking, not as nice as in the pictures. It was off brand, so I expect that it wont be quite as nice as the brand name stuff, but I wouldnt buy from there again unless it was brand name.


I have tried a few times from 1saleaday, never got anything I ordered. After 3-4 months I contacted them to find out everything I order is always lost.

I have ordered from Meritline, got everything as expected. The huge amounts of negative reviews I have found for dailysteals has kept me away.
Overall, I found it is best to avoid sites that don't have some sort of a) review list, or comments, and b) forums of some kind. For a daily deals site, forums and a community around the site would help build reputation. If a site isn't willing to put one, or both, of those things? Then they are afraid of the comments and know it won't turn out well for them, and therefore I can't find an real reason to trust them.


I've had good luck with MidnightBox, 1SaleADay, DealGenius, DailySteals, ThatDailyDeal, 13Deals, Tanga, Yugster, ThingFling and Jizbee. Some quality varied (Jizbee, for example, has some pretty cheap items, but the cost reflects this so it's ok as long as you expect it). I've bought from some others that I liked (Housewares, Organize, Target's daily deal), but none of the sites have the sense of community that I get on Woot. (Although ThatDailyDeal/13Deals seems to be heading there. They have live webcasts on special occasions.)

Regarding other BOC-type deals, there always seems to be an offer soon after a Woot-Off and, when I miss the BOC I'm especially tempted. I've bought them from a couple of sites and have gotten some interesting things. Still waiting for a big screen tv or a few pallets of car wax!


I ordered a shirt from for $6 and it is of pretty good quality.


I used to use , very similar to here where users post deals they find in a forum, it's very well organized and managed.. I stopped though, and went the woot-way when they came out with deals.woot


I've ordered from 1saleaday, meritline, 13deals, dailysteals and others.


13deals resolved the single problem (wrong item sent) quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

Also had one problem with dailysteals (USPS lost an item after accepting it). They wanted me to deal with USPS, who are not very competent about dealing with their own mistakes. I've let this one slide (was only $5.95) though I probably should bust dailysteals chops over it.

Meritline also lost a package to me ($1.98, I think for some Christmas themed junk that I don't need and didn't need when I ordered it). I've also let this one slide.