questionswill you buy a powerball ticket now that it's…


No, I won't be buying a ticket but if I ever did win the lottery, I would change my name and move! They need a lottery winner's protection program.


My answer is yes, and a group buy at work.

If I won, invest at least half, give 5-10% to a charity, and RAGE with the rest.


No... why? Because the reason it's over 300 Mil is because poor saps keep buying tickets but never win.


I have never understood the increased interest in lotteries, etc. when the jackpot is higher. I'd be thrilled to win $1 million, $10 million, or $300 million, so why would I change my decision to purchase a ticket based on the outcome? Also, higher jackpots simply mean less chance of winning per ticket, so I guess I would be less inclined the higher it goes.

That being said, gambling (especially the lottery) is for suckers.


@wnyx585am: The odds of winning stay the same, it's the odds of having to split the jackpot if you win that get worse because more people are buying in. Over 50% of former lottery winners say they were happier before they won when questioned several years later IIRC from a story I read awhile back. Pressure from family and friends to share the winnings, people crawling out of the woodwork to beg you for money, scam artists recruiting suckers for Ponzi schemes, etc.

EDIT: love me some NewsRadio!


@chipgreen: You're one of a very few who have caught on to my name (or at least admitted it).


I would relax, I would sit on my ass all day, I would do nothing.


If I'm out I might throw a buck or 2 into the pot. Then most likely not remember to check the ticket.
If I won? Pay of the house, spread some wealth throughout the family. Donate to charity, and invest the rest.


nope, not until it hits 500 mil. With inflation, 300 mil ain't what it used to be.


I would purchase every woot from now until the end of time. Yes, EVERY woot.


I'm more likely to be attacked by a polar bear and a grizzly bear at the same time.
I don't gamble...But...
If I did happen to win I would invest it all after giving 10% to charity and live comfortably with peace of mind the rest of my life. Keep working as usual. I would go insane without a day job.


@chipgreen: I reluctantly accept that studies say %50 of people who win the lottery were happier before they won. I think that the chances of me being happier a much higher. Give set amounts with signed statements that by accepting this money you will not ask for more. Or perhaps a payment plan, brother, sister mother father.... you are getting $20,000 month for 20 years provided you do not ask for any more, you ask 1 time and it stops. Get a lawyer to write it a 2nd and 3rd to check it over.
Different dollar amounts for different relatives/friends.
I usually do not buy tickets.


Slate ran an article a while back calculating the expected value of a lottery ticket and why it may make sense to play when the jackpots get large: