questionswhat is a good scrum team name?


Scrum Suckers
The Scrum Dumbs


No Whammies Crew

Someone Else Broke It

Git er Done

Two Weeks Notice

Code or Die

our informal non-SCRUM team name is the A-Team. apparently i'm the crazy helicopter pilot with mental issues?


Last year my scrum team was Rainbow. I was the Scrummaster, and hated the name, but everyone else thought it was clever (for project-releated reasons I won't get into here). To me it was a bit pre-teen girl/LGTB-charged...


Hmmm. We have been on Agile for a while, but we have never named our scrum team...


we just starting using agile as well a few weeks ago.

our team name is Running With Scissors.


@w00tgurl: our scrum wall has categories of "Gettin 'er done" and "Got 'er did!"


"Someone Else Broke It" wins thread.

Other ideas:
Scrum Dumpster
Easy Scrum Easy Go
Up and Scrummers
Young, Dumb and Full of Scrum

Basically, use any phrase with the word "come" and replace it with "scrum".


The Scruminators: Code for me if you want to live!


off topic: they tried to implement agile and scrum here last didn't work. our branch of this company is so different from other branches that it just won't work for us. a full week of training and the next day we acted like nothing had happened lol. waste of time.


Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions. I liked a lot of them, and I brought up the idea of having "scrum" in the team name, but that got shot down quickly, guess they thought it too cheesy. I liked @w00tgurl's idea best, "Someone Else Broke It".

Just to let you all know what we ended up naming our team, it turned out being kind of an inside joke, we called it "Server Room C". Reason is that one of the guys from another team that is just on the other side of the wall from us talks really loud and is very distracting. So one of the guys on our team has a "server room" app, where all it does is make server room noise, and it helps drown out the distraction. The C is because we are located in section C of the building.


Scrumdog Millionaires is what I wanted to call mine.


Ha! We have a Scrumdog Millionaires team. Here are the others at our company:

Team Code or Die
The Neurons
Scrum of the Earth
The Pit Crew
The PathFinders