questionswhat is the best truck?


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@durkzilla: Damn your eyes! I just choked. Hope you're happy.

Too bad I gave my F150 to the Red Cross already (besides, I was tired of making the neighbors laugh because I needed a step stool to get in). Nice truck, though. 1992, and that was one well built 4-wheel drive etc etc etc.

You know, I used to know how to start a semi (not to drive, mind you, but just to start). Complicated beasts, they are. Trucks are purty, and I like them.


i suspect these folks will be able to help you:


@smtatertot13: Dang it, you know that's not what the OP wanted. Here's something that only needs a radio.

BTW, those are just about the best thing you can have. I've used them for everything from the old style computer monitors (the ones that are a two person carry) to bags of fertilizer (necessary on a Monday, thanks).


@shrdlu: I have been restraining myself from posting a similar question, which I will now ruin by putting it up here:

What's the best way to start an epic flame war on the Chat tab?


@shrdlu: handtrucks really are a handy thing. all it needs it some duct tape and one of these:

(of course i know that's now what the OP wanted, but without way more info, why not have some fun ;)


@smtatertot13: Don't forget truck stops! The only place you can fill your gas tank, take a shower, buy a sandwich, ammo for your gun, and a doilie for your grandma. Flying J is my favorite, who just merged with Pilot:


had my chevy avalanche for 8 years. carries up to 6 passengers (5 mainly, for the 6th, they have to sit up front between driver & passenger), has a truck-style bed with 3 panel cover that's easy to remove and put on (1 minute to remove or replace), back seat folds down, and back wall folds in to extend bed, gets decent gas mileage for a fullsize v-8 4x4.
110,000 miles, and only minor repairs needed over the 8 years.

I've owned several makes & models of trucks over the years, this is by far my favorite... love the look, performance, reliability, fuel economy.
I also currently own a gmc sonoma extended cab with 3rd door(same as s-10) 4cyl manual, it's a 1996 with 170,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong. LOVE having an older truck that was paid off more than a decade ago, that I can thrash as needed, just throw whatever in the back.

both of these gm trucks have been reliable as hell.


I don't know which one is best for you, but there's some options here:


More info needed... How big/small??? Watcha gonna haul withit???

My Beast was a Ford F150 3/4 ton 4*4...


@hobbitss: GAH! What nonsense is this "more info" of which ye speaketh???

Don't you know that Wade doesn't need to tell you anything about his intended usage? You should just know what he's after. Sheesh, the nerve of some people!

I think maybe he wants something like this:

I can't begin to tell you how useful mine has been to me.


What about these. I have had always owned one of these for the past 20 years. They rocked my socks off every time I got a new one.


@smtatertot13: You make an excellent point sir, kudos!

But what about the radio? Hold on, let me see what I can find... oh, here we go!

I'm sure there's something in there that will do the trick. He might need a second truck, though...


@worriedman: your one stop shop:

(fair warning on the ice cream truck music that plays on the site!)


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