questionshas anyone noticed that wootstalker is down?


seems to be working fine for me


Seems to be working now. Loved the question "Why do you still visit Woot?" (It's on the right hand side.)


@natedogg828: Yeah, not so much here. Hmmmmm.......


Hi there, WootStalker creator here. Just a heads up, I upgraded the server about a week ago so that it would have more power, and be more reliable, which involved migrating hosts to a new company. There was about a week overlay while I had both servers up and running. Last last week, I pulled the plug on the old server, and changed over the nameservers to the new one. What you are seeing is probably a failure to redirect to the new server temporarily (could be outdated DNS). If this becomes ongoing, please let me know here, or by sending an email to

If you want, you could probably manually set your DNS to use google's open DNS (, which should take care of any future issues you may have.