questionshow come the reckoning happened an hour early…


The shirts that go away in the reckoning each week go the way of the dinosaur at midnight woot! time, same time as new woots... It's entirely possible the time change screwed something up. I would email service (at whatever their new email is) and let them know what happened, see if you can get an order in anyway.

If not, you can always head to the waters of the shirt trade thread and hope to spot it there in the right size (or post that you're looking for it -- you may get lucky and someone has it ready to trade!).


Wootbot refused to set his clock back. The developers will be having numerous strong talks with him during this next week so that he's on board with the time change next week.

Translation: I reported it to development; they acknowledged and are looking into it.


@thunderthighs: Thanks. I guess getting your work done early is better then getting it done late.