questionsin need of some (basic) website building tips…


I have no technical knowledge, but wanted to say congratulations and good luck!


I use for my hosting needs.

Many of the hosting companies that provide your domain name can auto redirect for you so no development tools should be necessary.

If you pick a hosting company that doesn't offer a redirect feature, you can use some simple code. Go to this page for more information on how to do it yourself:


I just looked at my 1and1 account to see how easy it is to redirect to another website. It's extremely easy. Just click on your domain name and this page shows up:

In the Destinations pulldown, click the "Forward your Domain" option.

Type in the URL you want it to redirect to and select either Frame or HTTP redirect and click OK. That's it.


@pickypickypicky: Thanks! We're super excited! The idea has been around for about 5 years, but we've been working hard over the past year to prepare for launch.


@cengland0: Thanks! I'm not looking to forward the entire domain though, but just a subpage. is going to be our own homepage, but the address, for example is the only page we want to redirect. We're going to use in physical advertising, so instead of making them type in a super long URL for our Kickstarter page, they would type in, which would then redirect. Anyone would still be able to visit our homepage without a redirect. Is this making sense?


@luvche21: In that case, you create a web page in your /Kickstarter subdirectory on your server. The name needs to be specific to the type of server that you're on. If it's a Microsoft server, you may need to create the page as Default.htm and if you're on Apache or something else, it might be Index.htm or Index.html.

Then, use the method described in the link . There are two methods main methods. One uses Javascript and the other uses Meta tags. Both work but the Javascript one may not work if someone has turned that feature off on their browser. Most people don't do that today but it's always a possibility.


@cengland0: Awesome! For some reason I was thinking that was only for entire domain redirects. I'll give it a shot and see what I can do. Thanks so much!
Is there any con to using meta tags instead of java script?


@luvche21: If I was the one assigned to create the page, I would put both the Meta and Javascript methods in the code. It cannot hurt. I'd actually do it differently by doing a server side redirect instead of relying on the client side browser performing the redirect but that's more complicated and will not go into that level of programming here.

There have been some people that noticed different browsers behave differently. For example, if you put in two different pages for the Meta redirect and Javascript redirects, different browsers go to different pages because the priority of execution is different. With that said and the possibility of turning off Javascript, go ahead and put both but make sure they both redirect methods go to the same page. You'll catch 99.999% of the browsers using both techniques. Web crawlers and other web page extraction programs probably will not redirect but you don't need them to anyway.


@cengland0: Thanks! I think I'm wrapping my head around it now. Once I get the site up, I'll give it a shot. You rock! :)


@luvche21: One option would be to redirect the subdomain to the kickstarter site with an HTTP redirect.


Another option for the redirect, most web hosts support PHP. I would upload an index.php file to a kickstarter folder. Here would be the contents - remove the gap between the greater than and less than symbols and the question marks:

< ?php
? >

You'd want to create and edit the file in something like Notepad that uses plain text with no formatting. The above sends a signal to the web browser to redirect WITHOUT actually loading the page. So anyone who visits would be instantly redirected with no visible intermediate page.


@omnichad: You showed him the server side redirect I was talking about on an earlier comment. Didn't want to go there because there are many different languages and not all hosting packages support all of them. For example, if you install IIS, it doesn't have PHP by default and you need to use ASP or ASPX instead. And to use those, you need to enable the security features to allow it because the latest servers have it turned off by default. At least the client side language is the same regardless of what server you're on.

It is, however, the method that I would use.


@cengland0: The redirect worked using HTML! Thanks!
@omnichad: & @cengland0: I agree that the second way would be much smoother, thanks! I'll have to look into that more to see if I can get it to work. Although, for the time that I will need this redirect, I'm sure the first way will work out fine. I'll do some more playing around and see what I can do. You guys are awesome!


@luvche21: Some hosting companies offer free sub domains. If you have a cpanel, there is a section for redirects that will handle it all for you. Example below. You just select the subdomain, and where you want it redirected to. I have used this feature several times:

Alternatively, you could just add an entry into your .htaccess file in your directory with a redirect rule (by file or folder). This is what most cpanel interfaces do for you.

This site gives some good examples:


I'll try some of these ideas out, thanks everyone!