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I commute about 45 minutes door to door. By car, biking or walking, anything over an hour would be too much. Public transport, I would give an hour and a half. Farther, and I would seriously consider moving closer.

Much as I would love working for woot, that's way too far a commute from the east coast, at least until the stargates are up and running.


The furthest I have driven for a job is 1.5 hours one way. However, now my chauffer (husband) drives me to work and it is about 30 minutes from where we live.

I have moved for a job, but at my age, I would not. It would not be beneficial. I am ready to retire anyway.


My husband is a robotics engineer, and he has been working 3 hours away from home since July. He leaves early Monday morning, comes home Friday nights. This is a contract position, and he'll hopefully be moving on to something more local in the near future.

It has been hard on our family, without a doubt... but we've managed pretty well. We spend time together on Skype in the evenings, email or text during the day, and make the most of our weekends when he's home. Wednesdays are always the hardest - we both get a little whiny by that point. Friday night seems far away, Monday morning seems like it was forever-ago.

Does it suck? Absolutely. But given the economy and the unemployment rate - you take what you can get. In his field, if companies aren't building or rebuilding robots - there's no work. And when the economy is tanked, companies put that sort of thing on hold. So you go where the work is and you deal.

I think your relationship has to be rock solid though.


I dislike commuting. And luckily I've been able to walk to work for the last 4 years. It's been great!


I prefer about 20ish minutes. Right now I walk 20 minutes to work and at my last job drove about 25. I prefer walking and public transit to driving any day of the week so I probably wouldn't mind up to an hour of public transit but 20 minutes seems to be about the sweet spot for me.


I'm currently student teaching and I've been commuting an hour (each way) to do so. I keep waiting for this year to be over so I don't have to commute anymore! I don't like having to wake up so early, but really, the drive is tolerable.

The biggest problem is the financial drain from buying gas so often. So, wherever I get a "real job," the amount I make would have to be enough to counteract the amount it takes to get there. I wouldn't want to commute any more than an hour though.


Depends on if the compensation of the position justifies the moving expenses and change in cost of living. But (as I said in my previous rant) nobody knows what they will get paid until they are 40 interviews into the hiring process.. That being said a 30 min commute would be the farthest I would deal with before just moving to the company's home city.


I'm about 20 minutes away each direction. I wouldn't want to be much further...

There's no way I could do the "see the family only on weekends" thing. What exactly are you working for?


For 6 months, I commuted 110 miles each way to work. Tolls, and gas were the biggest problem as they took a large portion of my pay. If your doing it for a short period of time, waiting on a lease to end or on the sale of your home, or making sure the job is a good fit for you before commiting to a move, it probably makes sense. However, I don't think in most situations over about an hour commute is worth it in a long term situation.


the longest commute I have had is about a 75-90 minute walk (which in a car is not far at all)... that was before I decided to get a car. Until a couple months ago, my job was literally around the corner from my house (I could walk to work by walking around the block). Recently I have moved though... almost exactly a mile away still well withing walking range.

Like some of the others above me, I wouldn't mind a driving commute as long as the cost of maintaining the car was not so large as to eat away at my pay. A friend of mine down the street has had a job driving an 18-wheeler his whole life. He goes through LOTS of gas, but it's all paid for by the company he works for. His idea of a long commute is MUCH farther than mine, but he spends much more time behind the wheel also.


@tsfisch: In our case? The answer is simple - digging ourselves out of the hole that two years of unemployment caused.

Consider too, that my husband likely makes more in one week than many here make in a month or even a couple of months. He also gets overtime pay. His hotel is paid for. He gets mileage. He gets all of his meals paid for.

Doing this has given us a chance to catch up on those things we let slide while he wasn't working, to take care of necessary repairs around our home and vehicles, and to build our savings back up against future "economic downturns."

He'll also probably take a couple of months break - voluntarily - before taking his next contract - which means he gets to be home 24/7. That's something we'll VERY MUCH enjoy.

Different strokes for different folks. We've made this work for us for now. And as I said - your relationship has to be rock solid to be able to survive it.


I think a lot of it depends on how you're commuting.
45 minutes of mostly freeway driving is a lot easier than 45 minutes of stop and go traffic or even city driving with lots of stop lights and stop signs.

My longest commute to date was about a 40 minute drive, mostly freeway/highway. It was doable, but a bit longer than I prefer, especially when I got held up at the gate (military base). Now I'm about 25 minutes garage to desk, mostly city streets with some stoplights. It's very doable for me.


I just recently took a job with a 48 mile commute. Straight shot on the freeway. It's not terrible, but I'm still new to it. One thing I'll say, how much you enjoy the job is probably going to greatly impact your thoughts on the commute too and from.


I honestly think that it is dependent upon the pay. I would driver further for a 6 figure income than I would for my current salary. I currently drive about 15 minutes for work, but if I were to make 6 figures, I think that I would drive 1 and a half hours. Maybe 2, depending on if I liked my job.

Another thing to take into account is how much you like your job. My job is just OK, so I don't think that I would want to drive much further than I do, lol. If I loved my job and had to drive an hour, that wouldn't bother me a bit. If I didn't like it at all, well I would just find a new job.

The last thing that I would have to consider would be traffic congestion. Obviously bigger metropolitain areas have more traffic and therefor more congestion. Good thing that I live in a relitively small town!!


I'm not largely settled down and I'd love to move out of Utah, so I'd move pretty much anywhere for even an ok job. Commuting has got to be under 45 minutes. Really depends on the pay how long I wanna drive for commute though.


My commute here in Seattle is about 40 mins each way via Metro bus. I'm fortunate to live where there is a bus stop right across the street from my building, but if I had to drive to a park and ride, I might have considered moving closer to work.

I'd like my commute to be shorter, but I'm at a decent balance of commute and rent costs (I work downtown, live in north Seattle). I'd consider moving further away if it would be significantly cheaper, but as it is, nearly 11 hours away from home each day is a lot. Although, being that my bus is "local", some folks who live much further away have the same commute time as me because they have the train or their bus is mostly on the highway.


I think 45min would be my max. At this point in my life, I wouldn't be able to move for a job on a whim. My husband would have to be on board, and be able to transfer there and want to live in the new place as well. I just don't see that happening for anything less than the "dream" job.


The real answer to me is: It depends.

My current commute involves riding the bus for 10 minutes each way every day. Some days the bus is clean, it's not raining, and nobody has vomited/urinated on said conveyance of public nature. My employer pays for my bus/light rail/commuter rail pass, I now dive less than 7000 miles per year, and I don't pay as much for gas.

Unfortunately, in Washington State distance traveled to/from work (or total mileage yearly) via vehicle is not considered when insuring it.

When I lived in AZ my commute was rarely less than an hour, and in many cases over an hour each way. Traffic wasn't typically totally bottle necked, but surface road congestion usually made up 15-30 minutes of my commute even though it was 1/10th of the distance involved each day.

Long commutes without stop/go traffic are fine, but waiting 45 minutes just to get from I-405/I-90 interchange to the Mercer Tunnel only to have the remaining 70% of your commute take 15 minutes blows.


At one time, I had a walking commute of about 15 minutes. That 15 minutes also included a stop by Burger King for breakfast, so that was nice :D


The longest commute I would ever tolerate would be an hour each way. Currently I live 15 minutes from my job (in Los Angeles this is a miracle) and it is the greatest. I could bike there if I wasn't lazy.


I'm thinking 45 minutes-1 hour would be we'll say 53 minutes.


DH is the breadwinner, I'm just a second income. So... if HE got an amazing offer somewhere (or I did, I guess, but it would have to be in a location where his company had a coordinating opportunity) I would be fine with moving. Me, I travel a few times a month for work. That's already too much time away from the little darlings and if it's longer than two days I get pretty sad and so do they. I couldn't commute on a weekly basis. I have job opportunities on the East coast that would pay me a lot more but the (emotional) cost would be too great.

EDIT: My current commute is 30 minutes.


I do 3-6 months a year overseas and when I'm home its usually 3-5 days a week hour drive from our office to the site (mileage reimbursed). I agree with the top comment, your relationship has to be solid if you leave home. Money is good but if it takes a bad hit on your relationship it might not be worth it.

For me working for a great company who cares about me and pays me what I am worth does the trick. I've lived 5 minutes from work made ok money but hated my life. My wife was miserable b/c i was miserable, stress was in the air and she probably would have left me if I kept it up.

You've got to do what you got to do to get by in these times, easier said when single but if you are married look at all options.


I had two different jobs where I commuted 1.5 hours one way for about 6-8 weeks. Oddly enough, both times we were living either with mine or my wife's parents as part of a move we were doing.

Got to be pretty rough the first time since I was working 12 hours Mon-Thu, 8-6 Fri, and 8-1 on Sat and had young ones at home.

A job in between both of these had me commute 2 hours one way for about 3 months but that was a zero pressure job so it was actually fun.

Personnally, I prefer to keep my commute to about a half hour.