questionscan anyone recommend a good guitar lesson, book…


I'm a little bitter because I did a 2 paragraph writeup and my crummy computer f5'd for some reason :|

Music Theory would be the most important thing to start with. It's very boring but it helps a lot. Musical Keys, major minor chords, all the different scales and time signatures. That goes a long way when you are learning how to play and looking back now I'm kind of bitter my music teacher never taught us that in school and I had to wait until a couple years ago to start reading up on it.

I have a few websites I could link you sometime, but you said no computers. I'll do some research on some good guitar tutorial videos and PM you those later (:.

As far as music theory; one book I read that was written in an easy way to read (no joke) was Music Thoery for Dummies. I skimmed through it and stopped at the places I wanted to learn more about and it was pretty well written. I can probably send you a PDF of the book sumtime.

I'll check when I'm at home.


You are the man! I just looked @Music Theory for Dummies, might be perfect. It would be so much easier if she had a computer, before asking this, I saw so much online stuff . Who knows, maybe next year she will take up the computer. That was my choice for a mid-life crisis, just got on 3 years ago.

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edit: hah, I nuked my first draft of this question too, my fault, oops, LOL.


Offer to listen, that'll be good support. Also... do you play, or sing? Offering to duet with her would be fun.

When she gets good, you can buy music books for specific artists she likes.


Good suggestion above. Otherwise buy a sheet music book with chords in it of her favorite genre of music. So like 70 greatest songs from the 70's or something of the sort.


@coolphilip04: @brandie346: Music books are a great idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that. (slaps forehead) Thank you both.

But, brandie346, I said I wanted to ENcourage her, not put her off playing for all time! Dogs started howling in my neighborhood when you wrote that, their ears are very sensitive, you know.


Hahaha, ok, just listening, then :)

One thing about music books (of any type): know your audience. If she's a beginner, don't get her, you know, Patti Larkin or David Wilcox or something. Think simple. Like the Go-Go's. That's where I started, heeheehee.


@brandie346: I haven't known her very long, so I will have to sleuth out what she likes. I'll have to dust off my Nancy Drew outfit. If you wouldn't mind, and you have your notifications on, can I get some advice on specifics, later? Sounds like you are the perfect person to consult, what are your rates? I'll go as high as 10 up-votes, but if you post something really bad, it counts as 2. : )
Go-Go's is the right era, and probably right on the mark, so I will use it as a jumping off point, to pry some more info out of her. She is one of those people who are always doing something for others, and it would be nice to do something for her.


How about a digital tuner?
Tuning a guitar is unfortunately not something easy for a beginner and it takes a while to train your ear. For $11.99 it seems like a good bet.


@hbsurfer17: That's funny, this morning, at breakfast, someone IRL suggested that to me, and it struck me as the perfect thing. Thanks so much.


Totally saw this by coincidence...from 12 days ago too ha

Looks like people have covered most of the basics.. I'd definitely say a chord chart/book though (finger placement). When I started playing I liked to just mess around with slappin' different chords together.

Scales too, some kind of chart/book. I had a pretty good reason why, but I'm starting to fall asleep. heh.

And most of all, I'd just print her out some tabs to some easy songs. Dust in the Wind always makes you feel cool :).. hmm, Come As you Are, Day Tripper, Stairway to Heaven, She Talks to Angels is pretty simple if you know how to tune a guitar (tuned in Open E). Lowrider heh

Pretty tired, so I'm just gonna assume I said everything I meant to.


@drchops: RU kidding? It's always good to get more opinions! Thanks for the input, hope you had a good, post-woot-off sleep. I always get my best REMs after a woot off. : )

P.S. Looks like neither of us got a BOC, drats, I feel like I deserved one, after the nasty "Santa surprise"

vote-for2vote-against has dvds and videos weekly on how to play guitar. Normally under 10 dollars


There is an app/book called Kasey's Music Jams for Kids on the itunes store. It is a book or young beginners 3 and up designed to help teach them to play along with music. It is made up of 17 songs with vibrant illustrations and quirky song lyrics.
Promo video-


@kellyweeks55: Thanks so much, I'll take a look at that, can't believe you dug this thread up, so sweet of you! I got a couple of nice books for her already, but I don't think she has been able to really work on it, and I don't want to pester her about it. : )


Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar. It's excellent and well worth whatever they're charging for it now. Also, believe it or not, Rocksmith for the 360/ps3 is a really fun and easy way to learn to play.


Hello there,

Successfully learning how to play guitar is within the grasp of most people, yet many beginners give up too quickly. First learn the names and functions of the guitar parts, and how they work together to make sounds. Learn how sound is emitted and how tension affects the strings. A half hour spent on this basic understanding will be repaid many times over throughout your learning and playing time.

Nowadays there are good online tutorials that will educate you on self-instruction how to play guitar and provide you CD’s and DVD’s as well. An example of one of the good website is Music Forte - - as they became partnered up with publishing companies from all corners of the world in order to provide you with hundreds of thousands of selections in both hard-copy and digital format.