questionswas that the fastest boc sellout ever?


I remember them selling out really fast (under two minutes) back in "the good old days". Or maybe that's just my imagination.


@cloudscout & @jsoko: You guys are right, I went back a couple years and there were definitely faster orders, it's just been a long time. Here's some of the faster order paces I found:

8/20/10 - .070s
6/25/10 - .048s
3/26/10 - .034s
1/28/10 - .054s
12/25/09 - .079s

Looking back all the way through 2009, 3/26/10 is still the pace to beat.


October 25th, 2007:
Order pace: 0m 0.013s

Quantity available was 4500. Meaning? It sold out in precisely 58.5 seconds.


@nuangel: Wow. Did you look through all of them? I can't imagine it being faster than that.