questionsdo you have any tips for keeping an orchid alive?


There is actually a fertilizer made specifically for orchids. It helps it continue to bloom instead of going through spurts of blooms every few months. It seems like you have the basics covered already, so that's all I really have to add.

Good luck!


@capguncowboy: Thanks! The MiracleGro Orchid Food says I should fertilize it every other day—that seems a little excessive. Is that normal?


Give it to someone else. It's the only method that works for me.


@jsimsace: Kept getting contradicting info or commercial sites trying to sell their orchid care products. I don't know enough about even basic house plant care to figure out what makes sense. And if I keep googling, I'm pretty sure I'll find out my orchid has cancer.


I've been keeping my wife's orchid alive simply by watering it and keeping it in indirect sunlight.

@madamedefarge - The instructions for the Miracle-Gro Orchid Food is to mix 1/4 tsp/gallon of water and apply every two weeks during growth season and every 4 weeks during rest periods, not every other day.


@first2summit: Oh! Thanks for the link! That makes way more sense. The description was clearly very wrong (surprise, surprise).


Step one: don't own cats.

I haven't gotten past that step, so on the rare occasions when I get some for my girlfriend they usually last about 4 days. :)