questionshave you followed the e3 news today regarding theā€¦


Yup, I followed it today. I'm a Playstation fan so it was really good news that Sony wasn't following suit on the game restrictions & internet access to play. So far I'm pleased with what was announced.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ftw.


I hadn't been following, but that sounds like a wise move by Sony.


Okay Sony, you win. I'll start saving for a PS4 now.

Loved how the crowd erupted when the Sony rep said that the PS4 plays used games and doesn't require constant internet connection. Talk about giving the people what they want.


Just watched Sony's press conference at E3, and I mostly liked what I heard. I do, however, still have a couple questions/concerns...

1. Sony announced that if you want to play online, you will now have to have a PSN Plus membership. One of the main draws for me to the PS3 over the Xbox 360 was that online play was free. I don't see this as a huge deal-breaker ($60 a year plus free games is a pretty good deal), but not something I wanted to hear.

2. I'm still sketchy on their cloud service. I know there isn't native backwards compatibility with PS3 titles on the PS4, but they announced a streaming service with Gaikai for older games. Will I need a PSN Plus membership for this service? If I already own a PS3 game, will I have to pay for it again to stream on the PS4? (I'm sure the answer is yes but I would be ecstatic if I could pop in my PS3 game and have it unlocked for me through the cloud)

3. Still no word on how big the HDD is...

One suggestion...a PS4/Vita bundle $599


Yeah I followed it. It was pretty dam good. Pretty much slapped M$ in the face with its lower price point and less restrictive policies. What I liked the most was the Quantum Dream Demo, Transistor trailer, FFXV trailer, and Destiny.

It looks like it's becoming a console PC, in essence. Considering the amount of online games they were showing like: Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny. The Ubisoft conference showed Division and Battlefield 4 too. I think they really highlighted the drop in and join features of the new games as well as the "public event" type of games that the PC has.


I am an Xbox 360 fanboy, but I have to say-- I'll be making the switch to PS4..

The games I pay for are MINE Microsoft....


PS4 pre-ordered! Sony wins my business!

mix mix

I have a feeling the MS is going to have to backtrack on this one. While right now I wouldn't have a problem with connecting once a day, there have been times when that would have been a problem. I feel very badly for my former colleagues in the Navy: they were/are big gamers and there won't be an internet connection that they can use on a routine basis at sea. Especially on subs. Likewise, the folksout in FOB Nowhere in BFE Afghanistan.

The issue of no resale of games (technically, there can be but the publisher must allow it. Sure, EA is going to be all over that) is really going to kill them. Losing the right of first sale makes the games worth much, much less, but the price isn't going to reflect that. This was MS caving into publishers at the expense of their customers. Unless they roll this back very very quickly Sony is going to eat their lunch.


Yeah, I can hardly believe that MS is going forward with their DRM restrictions, while Sony is not. They're really shooting themselves in the foot. Plus, focusing SO much on the tv/video service features. They've lost site of the primary reason people buy a game console -- to play games!!


I have a 360, but unless MS does some major rethinking before launch I'll be switching to PS4 for this generation. The no-used-games thing is bad enough, but the idea of a mandatory always-on Kinect Big Brother, always watching, always listening, sending who-knows-what back to Microsoft, that's genuinely chilling, especially for anyone who has kids. The only hope XBox has is that the recent scary announcements are just a carefully planned ruse that MS will eventually change before launch--sort of like how some people think New Coke was a planned conspiracy to make people appreciate old Coke more. I don't have high hopes for that though.


No no no, call it Xbone.

That's what it deserves.


Just by saying they were going forward with it's DRM they pretty much buried themselves. Even if they switch back next week they are going to have lost a lot of their gamers already to preorders and their trust.


Sony is playing this perfectly, because all they have to do is point out that Microsoft is doing a bunch of derpy nonsense. Sarcasm is highbrow stuff with the gamer crowd, so things like the PS4 game sharing video (look it up) are quick and dirty quality marketing.


@lotsofgoats: I found it, and it is awesome:

Marketing the PS4 is going to be a breeze for Sony. All they have to do is avoid any of the incredibly (x)boneheaded stuff Microsoft is doing and they'll win this console generation hands down.


@justordinary2006: Like @qanuk said, rumors are 500GB in the box, but upgradeable just like PS3 HDDs.

As for backwards compatibility, I'm pretty much planning to keep my PS3 plugged in (right next to my PS2); if it says PlayStation on the disc, I can play it on my TV.


Its not a rumor. Its confirmed that it will come with a 500gb hard drive and actually be upgradeable like the ps3s (not overpriced like the 360's).

But I do hope the streaming games gets good. It will be the best way to try out demos!


@firesoul453: I said rumor because I hadn't seen anything official; the tech specs themselves just said "Built-in".

If you have a link that says 500 GB, I'd like to see it!


@unoriginal26: That commercial was so awesome I watched three times in a row and smiled every time.



The president of sony said it on his twitter.

Look at his other tweets for 500gb


@goldenthorn: Awesome image, totally sums it up.

A friend on facebook put it this way a few days before the details were known:
Dear Sony:
If you refrain from any shenanigans with restricting offline play and trading/ selling used discs, then the PS4 will administer the greatest beatdown in the history of the game console wars.
It's really that simple.


@bls1: it's true.
The Kinect always-on doesn't bother me. The always connected to the Internet doesn't bother me (personally, right now) But, take away my rights to do what a please with the disc I purchased for $60...
If they were to drop the price of their games to $30-40 they could make an upswing, but they won't.


@tweakx4: Also in the long term, when the xbox one activation servers get shut down your games are all useless. I might be a LONG TIME, but it will happen.


@tweakx4: How can the idea of an always-on camera/listening device in your home NOT bother you? Is everyone you live with okay with it? Are you sure all your guests will be okay with it? Would you be okay with, say, the government installing similar cameras? Even if you 100% completely trust Microsoft, what's to prevent them from selling the constant video feed of your home to another company that might do less-than-ethical things with it? Or if it gets accessed by a hacker who does downright criminal things with it? I'm really not understanding how anyone can be okay with such a thing.


@starblind: Wiki says: "... the software technology enables advanced gesture recognition, facial recognition and voice recognition..."

And this feature has a mandatory always-on requirement?

At the very least, throw a towel over the damned thing when it's not being actively played. And try to find some really good ear plugs for it.

I know absolutely nothing about any of this, so I appreciate your explanation and concerns (which I would share) about an always-on eyeball, and I haven't the slightest, tiniest bit of faith in any company that says it will hold my information in privacy.

I don't know why the NSA leaks trouble anyone who'd have this in their home. Big Brother is definitely here.


@starblind: Honestly I don't really mind. I live by myself and don't have a whole lot of people over and I don't perform anything illegal in my home. If someone wants to watch me sit around in my underwear in the summer and sleep on the couch, more power to em.
I also guarantee 'they'll' make a privacy cover for it, they already did for the current gen one.