questionshas anyone started paying for pandora?


I am still debating. I think it is a great service a definitely think the prince point (3.99 per month?) is reasonable but I just need an extra push to pull the trigger.


@conanthelibrarian: Yes, I believe its $3.99/month or you can go online and pay it all at once. I must admit, the “are you still listening?” pop up not coming on every few hours is nice. I listen to Pandora for 8 - 10 hours straight some days at work so having that pop up can definitely get annoying. All in all I guess I'm happy with it but I'm sure I could have lived with switching to Songza or another internet radio app. I guess I'm just lazy since I already have my stations already set up and I didn't feel like switching!


I jumped on pandora one almost as soon as it was offered. I use it all the time, and pandora helped me find or re-discover so many bands i like that it's such a small price to pay, IMO.

also gets you access to higher bitrate music (or at least it did - not sure if standard has since upped the bitrate to match)


@goatcrapp: Excellent point!!! I hear so many bands I forgot about all the time. I also find new ones quite often too. The sound is supposed to be better but I haven't noticed honestly.


FYI last I checked (summer 2011), listening to Pandora on iPhone (maybe other smartphones too) did not contribute to the 40-hour limit.

I did use a free trial of Pandora One, and for that month enjoyed not having ads.


My parent's pay for it and its the same pretty much without the commercials. I do think there is a better mix of music too.


I refuse to pay for Pandora.. I do however pay for XM Sirius Radio when they send me the 6-months for $24.99 deal, and that is just for the drive to and from work and on the weekends.. but if I am on my phone or on my computer, there are alternatives to Pandora


I bought a year of Pandora one recently. Given how much I listen to, not having ads is amazing. I think its completely worth $30ish bucks a year.


$3.99 isn't bad, i'm still leary thanks to netflix and vonage pricing that continues to climb. How long until everything is the same price like cable/sat tv, home electricity, water, zeesh now i'm depressed.


I've been paying for yearly Pandora subscriptions for three years now- best work expense I've ever paid for. I've got Pandora on my phone, my wife's phone, my laptops, and my home stereo receiver so the cost is WELL worth it. Oh, and I don't believe my yearly price has gone up yet.


There is a Pandora-like site that doesnt have a listen limit, and is more generous with giving you skips.

I have prefered it over Pandora for at least 3 years now.


I've been a paying customer for 2 + years and find it a great value. For work (which is massage) and play I can't see going without.


@dupedyetagain: Using on your phone counts toward the limit now. My friend ran out of time in the first week using only his phone. It started a few months ago. But I heard that listening from a computer doesn't count towards it.


@teenracer6: I've never gotten into Slacker for some reason. Maybe one day I'll check it out...


Started paying when they enacted the mobile app streaming limit. Now I cringe when I'm listening at friends house and there is a commercial. ;-)


@embhorn: Lol the same thing happened to me the other day. We're all sitting around talking and drinking beers and all of the sudden a commercial comes on Pandora. I was like what the crap is this??


i love pandora. i listen to it all the time. right now i dont pay for it, but thats mainly because the CD player in my truck doesn't have an Aux jack for audio. If i end up getting a decent CD player in my truck then i'd listen to it when i drive, at which time i'd pay for it.


I used Pandora for a while until I found Slacker Radio. MUCH more music. I found that Slacker would play all songs from an album whereas Pandora would only play one or two songs from an album.