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ASUS makes the Google Nexus 7 too. I have both the Nexus 7 and the TF201. Both have the Tegra 3 chipset. The fastest so far of the tablets. The Nexus faster because it came with Jellybean vanilla (no manufacturer bloatware). Overall I would jump on getting one.


Worried about reliability? Don't. Very good customer service and the product can be put up against anything made. I have gone from the original Transformer (TF101) to the Pad 300 and been very happy. Only the Prime had problems, and one of the fixes was to give away dongles for GPS. THAT is customer service.


Yes I have an opinion. I have that exact tablet and love it.

What would you like to know?

So far, the only issue I have is with the capacitive screen being very sensitive. I mean VERY sensitive. I bring it to the gym to work out and set it on the treadmill and play games. Sometimes, depending on where I place it, the electronics inside the treadmill panel will activate random locations on the screen when I'm clearly touching somewhere else. This never happens when I'm holding the device in my hands.

It's by far the fastest and most powerful tablet I've owned. I also have the keyboard dock, the adapter that plugs into the proprietary connector and gives you a USB port. I've even connected up an old XBOX 360 wired controller that I bought from a pawn shop for $15 and use that to play 3D games like dead trigger.

This is the only tablet that you can see in bright daylight. It has a super IPS mode that is super bright.


So how much are you getting the tablet for?

Here are some great deals from all with free shipping:

Tablet and keyboard package deal - $598

Tablet Alone - $494

Keyboard Alone - $128.86

Not sure if you're a samsclub member but if you can save more than the membership costs (which is close on just the keyboard alone), it might be worth getting the membership to get these from sams.


@cengland0: Thanks for the price leads. Considering just the tablet for now. Amazon has it for $488 (kills me that they just started charging tax), and I have enough Amazon points to cover the cost entirely. Just deciding if it's the "right" tablet for me.

BTW, have you rooted, or considered rooting it? Asus seems to offer a tool to do this, but claims it will void the warranty to do so.


@acraigl: I have not rooted but have considered it. I don't want to keep using the wired XBOX 360 controller. I want to begin using my PS3 bluetooth controller instead. There is software I can buy that will allow me to use it but it requires the system to be rooted.

I looked around for an easy way to do it but the instructions were a bit too complex. Most rooting instructions pointed me to another site for parts of the instructions and when I went to that link, it also linked me to other sites. I couldn't find a single site that had all the instructions I needed.


I won't shop at Best Buy. Their customer service has disappointed me too many times.

Here's the tablet at Newegg.


@acraigl: Thanks for the link but that's the one I was talking about. It links to other steps you need to perform first and the links loop back and forth and you cannot easy find the full instructions.


@cengland0: You don't have to root your tablet or even buy software to use your PS3 controller. Using the dock just plug the PS3 controller in with the usb cable and you can use it. Also once you have done this you can connect it via bluetooth. Just make sure to connect the PS3 controller to a PS3 first and set it to turn off after a set amount of time, otherwise connecting via bluetooth to the tablet will have it start running and then run until the battery is dead.


@azgral: Thanks for that suggestion but I know that doesn't work. I know that the PS3 has some proprietary bluetooth protocols so it requires a program like sixaxis to be installed to translate those protocols into something the android operating system can understand. And, to install the sixaxis program, you need to root it.

Anyway, I already tried it. I can connect the PS3 controller, all 4 of the lights come on and the games do not even know the controller is connected. I also know that you need to connect the PS3 controller to a PC first to hard-code the Bluetooth MAC address from your Android tablet so it knows which device to connect to.


@acraigl: Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. First the good. I did find the software on the ASUS website to unlock the tablet. And, it works. Now my bootloader is unlocked.

The bad news is that the sixaxis program still thinks that it is not rooted. I believe this might be due to a technical difference between unlocking and rooting. Here's what I think and please correct me if I'm wrong.

Unlocking: This will allow you to make changes to the operating system files. You can compile and install whatever version of the OS you want or any home brewed version.

Rooting: This is the same as giving yourself root access on Unix. If you sign in as root, you have access to run anything and modify any files and this is AFTER the OS has booted.

So, my theory is that unlocking is to update the OS and rooting is to gain super user a


@acraigl: This is the third time typing this message so I'm going to make this short this time. I keep pressing the wrong button and it clicks outside this messagebox and it disappears. Very annoying.

Anyway, I unlocked it using the utility you provided the link to but that is different from rooting. Do you have an ASUS link to root the tablet too?


@cengland0: I rooted my Atrix 4G and have an HP Touchpad running ICS... both need a super user app to manage the permissions. Did you try installing Superuser or SuperSU after root?


@azgral: I just wanted to clarify something I said. The PS3 controller does work when I plug it into the USB port on the tablet. It actually works great. However, I want it to work via bluetooth and that's when it does not work without a program like sixaxis and sixaxis doesn't work without the tablet being rooted.


@acraigl: Just looked at that link and it looks like it has more info than others I've seen. I'll give it a try but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'd try it now but I'm actually typing this on my TF700 tablet and don't have a computer handy. Seems you need one to run the special software. I'm actually a mac user so I'll use VMWare Fusion to run that program under XP or something.

Thanks for the link. Updates to this saga to come a bit later.


@cengland0: My mistake, apparently it worked on the older Asus tablets but they took out the native support for it on the infinity. And so far with my infinity I just plugged it in to my dock with the cable as I haven't set the controller to turn off with my PS3 yet.


@acraigl: The instructions sort of worked and sort of didn't. Seems the ASUS USB drivers that were included in the instructions were for the TF300 and wasn't compatible with the TF700. Using the PC Sync software directly from ASUS installed drivers that worked sufficiently for the program to see the device. And then I continued with the rest of the instructions from there.

Once the hard part about getting the PC to recognize the tablet, the code to root the tablet worked flawlessly.

I am now able to connect the PS3 controller wirelessly through bluetooth (after purchasing the sixaxis software for $1.99)

Thank you and everyone else for the suggestions on how to get this tablet rooted.