questionscan anyone suggest a desktop for $200 or less?


See if this is at all helpful. Beyond that, I'd check places like Staples or Best Buy. They should have decent enough machines pre-built. They also sometimes have clearance computers. Not always on display, but it's worth a shot to ask what's in back.


I'd try something like this; $200 is really hard to make work well.

If they can make it work, I'd really suggest they put the $400 to one computer instead of two so they have a computer which will run better and in all likelyhood last much longer.


I hate to be a pessimist, but it will be hard to find a worthwhile laptop at that price. I was looking for one for my son this Christmas and my requirements were pretty basic. He doesn't need to game or anything, just get to the Internet and do schoolwork. The cheapest one I could find that I considered worth buying was $388.