questionswhat's the best place to buy canon printer ink?


I have a Canon printer and I buy my ink in bulk from

From my experience with them, they provide quality ink (some competitors do not provide quality ink) and prompt and courteous customer service via phone and via email (some competitors are really shady and are suspiciously unreachable if you ever have a problem, not so with this company).

They also provide resettable ink cartridges made for Canon printers, but those can be a hassle to refill at times. So instead I purchased a Continuous Ink System (CIS) designed for my Canon printer (does not void warrantee!) that allows me to much more easily refill the tanks. I got the CIS system from a different company and its been working fairly well for me for 8 months now.

I am thinking if I need to refill the ink for my CIS system, I will order from


i have a cannon mp560 and i got some knock off ink on amazon, 2 of each cartridge for like 10 bucks, it works great....

might have just been lucky thogh


I have the same printer as @shadowblue42 and order from amazon as well. No issues here either.


Amazon. I wasn't impressed with generic ink, where I immediately saw a deterioration in the color quality. So, I only use Canon brand ink. It's not cheap -- is it cheaper for us to just buy a whole new printer instead of new ink?!? -- but I haven't found cheaper ink to match the quality.


I've also used Amazon like a lot of people here. BH Photo Video is also good. Those are the two I usually price compare. B&H is dedicated to photography and video, so their selection is usually the best and they have good prices, but they don't have free shipping as often as Amazon.
Newegg also sells ink, but I don't think their selection is as good as B&H or Amazon's.