questionsinternet radio... iheart , pandora, other...?


I like There doesn't seem to be too many commercials and no monthly cap (although Pandora might have removed their cap, i'm not sure). I am referring to the free version.

Slacker also does regular songs instead of live versions (I don't like live versions). Last time I listened to Pandora, it seemed like every other song was a live version.


Spotify is the best!!! Check it out, any song you want just about, on demand!


I use Pandora, can't speak for the others. I like it, Pandora is pretty good with sticking with the artists that I choose. You can have many channels, depending on your mood. You can also mix several channels. They have a vast assortment of artists and genre. If you listen online, you will get some commercials for the free version, on any other device you will still hear commercials but not as many. The paid version which is about $36 eliminates the commercials. Hope this helps.


I am a big fan of Tune In Radio (Pro). TONS of good stuff, internet radio, FM from all over the world. The SOMA.FM channels are fantastic!

(And Live Phish Radio, of course!)


I loved Pandora when I had my blackberry you could change to the next song with just the volume key, can't do that now on my Android. I also love and enjoy very much so TuneIn radio and DI radio, both free versions and both very good to use.


@wnyx585am: I use Slacker on my phone and it works great. It has alot of different channels.

I just don't like how Pandora chooses the songs or bands it would relate to the one i set up for the channel.

my all time favorite though has to be the main reason being that it has no commericals or limit on how many songs you can skip in a row. I think the app for iphone and android is no longer free but the internet version is 100% free. I also like how on you can make your own "radio stations" by selecting as many as three artists you like and the station will combine songs/bands that sare similarities between all bands or just shared characteristics with one of the bands.

Plus its really easy to use and adds songs you favorite to a library that you can listen to again at any time

So if its on my phone i would choose Slacker but on the computer hands down I choose


Copied and pasted from a PM I wrote a couple weeks ago:

I tend to avoid pandora because it jumps around too much or plays the same thing over and over again from my experience.

Johnny Cash followed by Mimicking Birds followed by rolling stones followed by donovan.. etc etc.

Or-> Beatles, Beatles Cover Song, George harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Band that sounds like Beatles

I like and listen to their radio sometimes and I've always been pleased with it. I'm entry level as hell when it comes to Jazz and Blues and it's helped me discover a lot of artists. I haven't used spotify yet, nor do I feel inclined to transfer over. Although Someone did tell me Spotify Scrobbles music plays and that is a good thing. I really really like the way keeps a list of songs you heard for the first time so If it gets stuck in your head a week later you only have ~50 songs to go through instead of 2000 to find that song.


Not sure what the deal is with the recent legal issues, but I use and abuse Grooveshark Anywhere pretty much all day long at work. I'm lazy and search the endless supply of other people's playlists, works just as well as pandora did for me, but without the commercials and promoted songs. No cap either.


@cowboydann: I like as well. I think that app is on my xbox, and I must admit I have really enjoyed it and also found some good, new artists there (hard to do for me, as a "music snob"!)


@pstrnutbag44: I turn my nose up to you music snob.
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I'm a music geek (big difference)

(also what's your


I listen to and on the internet, when Im at computers that aren't mine. :)

But I am a paid pandora user and have enjoyed it. Also slacker is fine and shoutcast still holds down some good stations (comedy/talk)...

I haven't tried spotify just yet, but my co-worker raves about it. Pandora is $72 a year, spotify is $9 a month?(not sure)..

I just like to turn a radio on and 'set it and forget it' and just play some good music.



@cowboydann: nods accordingly, giving secret handshake

I use "snob" as it's what my girlfriend calls me. I'll have to check after I get in, I have only fiddled with it two or three times now. It is new to me still. ;-)


Slacker. Free and plays nothing but good music.
I enjoy Spotify, but you have to pay for mobile.


Not really a radio, but I really enjoy You can pick the kind of music you'd like and hop in a room and just listen, or you can hop up if there's room and play some of your own songs. Now to shill- on Mondays, we do a Woot room here: and next time I swear, firm no-dubstep rule. I don't even understand how it gets there so quickly.


I have to agree with @johnnys13 on this one, even though it isn't really internet radio. The main reason I prefer it over the other ones is because there really are no limitations on anything. Pandora, et al, have limited play time, skips, song selection, etc. Not to mention the fact that until you listen to the station for hours on end, diligently sorting through the playlist, the app is in control of what you listen to. Spotify is like a free version of iTunes with an insane selection of music. I would much rather be in control of my own playlist than have some silly app tell me what I want to listen to.

I started running a few months ago and I wouldn't have been able to make it without Spotify. I tried Pandora originally, but with limited control over the song selection I kept having to skip multiple songs during a run because they weren't motivating enough. Now I have multiple Spotify playlists for different situations. Even purchased the premium for my phone so I always have it.


i like which, at the risk of being obvious, categorizes music by mood. it's fun to play around with even if the music you're looking for doesn't match your "mood." for example i usually listen to "just woke up" while i'm doing work or need to stay alert.


I love the TuneIn Radio app available for iOS and Android simply because it lets me listen to heavy metal radio stations from England, Germany and Japan. I've heard all kinds of awesome music that never gets played on US radio.


I like Spotify. The free version does have advertising (maybe a minute every four or five songs) but I can stream a whole album as many times as I want and the catalog is pretty comprehensive.


I am in Afghanistan working with NATO. Pandora and some others like Spotify are prohibited due to restricted streaming licenses.
I do use Tunein pro app which lets me record up to 8 hours on my iPad2, and worls well even on slow WiFi connections.


If you're looking to have more control over picking all your music, Spotify is a good option. If you like more of a radio-type experience, Pandora and are my favorites. Each has its own benefits.
Pandora seems to have a tighter definition of similarity. Like someone else mentioned, they tend to play things that are very, very similar to the artist or song you entered. seems to play things that are much more loosely connected. This could be good if you want to branch out, but it can be a little strange (like when I listened to Lady Gaga, and later it played Lindsay Lohan). I also think sometimes they seem to suggest the same song over and over and over, but on the upside I have also been able to skip as many songs as you want, which you can't do on the free version of Pandora.


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