questionswhat is the best pre-paid cellular service for…


Most everyone I know goes with Boost in this area. Due to the $50 a month unlimited with the ability to drop down to around $30 a month.

I see Boost phones all the time on eBay and CL. So just a thought.


Depends on the coverage in your area, I guess. Where I live, Sprint has really patchy, unreliable coverage, so Boost isn't the best choice. Verizon's coverage is really good here, but they have some of the highest pre-paid fees I've ever seen. I like C Spire, which used to be Cellular South. $50 unlimited everything. They're a regional company though, so if you don't live in the south they aren't available.


I used to say StraightTalk but if you have any problems they will not listen so now I say stay away.
Here is what happened to me.
I noticed an increase in my auto pay to StraightTalk (ST) from 30 (basic plan) to 45 (unlimited plan). I reviewed my bank statements and found that this happened 3 times. I also noticed that my times changed. from payments on the 15th to payments on the first. So one month I paid 75 instead of 30.
I called and as expected did not get help from level 1. When on level 3 they refused to move me up any further and they refused to refund me the $45 (3x15 difference in rates 3x) I requested. They did admit it was their error the change was not requested by us. I told them what they did was illegal and if they did not fix this I would do 3 things.
1. Get my money back from the credit card company. (the credit card company refunded my money before I hung up with ST. (Wife called on cell).
2. Leave StraightTalk (Done)
3. Share my story. (when ever I can)


I use Page Plus which is on the Verizon network. I buy 2000 minutes at a time for $70-80 and those are good for a full year. They also have cheap monthly plans with or without data.

Since I was a Verizon customer before this I was able to bring my droid with me. You can buy a used/refurb smart phone designed for the Verizon network rather than use one of PP's crappy phones.


It used to be Virgin Mobile @ $25/mo for unlimited text/data and 300 mins. The same plan is now $35 and not as good of a deal.


@caffeine_dude: Yeesh. That stinks. I just got set up with StraightTalk because you can buy a SIM card and bring your own phone (I used my unlocked ATT iPhone 4).

I had some issues getting the SIM ordered (they wouldn't accept my credit card (Mastercard), but my debit card worked fine). I'll be sure not to sign up for the recurring payment. I can re-order every month easily enough.


If you don't need a lot of minutes, T-Mobile prepaid has a deal for $30/month, with unlimited texting, 5GB of their so-called 4G data (with unlimited 2G data if you manage to go over 5GB), and just 100 minutes. They have a pretty decent selections of phones available, or you can bring your own existing GSM device.


I'm a big fan of Metro PCS. $45 a month unlimited talk, text, data, long distance, everything.

Decent enough phones too. Never had any billing problems and their coverage is pretty good.

Yeah I don't get the blazing speeds of Verizon but I also have less than half the bill :)


I looked and ended up with Virgin. They only have 4g on 2 phones(iPhone and one other) and at $35(would sure have loved to start when it was $25) for 300 talk and unlimited everything else, it's about the best you can find. For more minutes it's $45 and $55 for unlimited everything.
If you stick around for more than 1 1/2 years then Boost with it's unlimited everything dropping every 6 months is probably the best way to go(of course if 300 minutes is OK then Virgin is the way to go. All this assumes Sprint has decent coverage in your area :)


My kids use Straight Talk without auto billing. It's been a year now and no problems so far. :::goes away to knock on wood:::


I have Straight Talk, and you can't beat the price for unlimited everything ($45). However, like others have said, the customer service is terrible.
I always bypass the 1-800 number and call the corporate office of TracFone, the parent company. Doing this reduces the language barrier.