questionsdo you know anyone who has ever won a receipt…


I haven't. I even used to work for one of those stores and we were always pressured by the brass to really push filling those surveys out.


I seriously doubt anyone has ever won. One would think if someone DID win, the stores would advertise the fact.


@thebopster: To play the devil's advocate on the matter, the ones I have filled out have always been for the large national big-box chains. Hence if there was a winner, the odds are good that it would have been so far away to have not likely made any kind of news in my area, or even been well known by any store local to my area.


until this thread i had never heard of anyone actually using the survey as anything but a bad service notice to the company.


Think of the odds, I mean, the places that do these surveys basically print that on every receipt. If the drawing is once every 90 days (or whatever) and if a national chain gives away 1 $500 gift card to a single customer at each drawing... The potential pool is tens of millions of transactions. Then again, how many people actually fill out the survey? I'm sure someone somewhere has won once. I personally don't bother filling them out unless the service I received was above and beyond, or abysmally bad.


I remember seeing on one company's website a listing of all the recent winners. I agree with @lparsons42 and @ganzhimself that the odds of hearing the news about someone winning from a national chain are pretty slim unless it's a major award and the person is from your area.


Yes, I actually know someone who won several thousand dollars from Qdoba from taking their receipt survey. That one, at least, is definitely real and legit!


I figured they are just urban legends.


Maybe Sherlock Holmes can solve this mystery...


I have actually won by calling the survey the my Taco Bell receipt. They sent me a check in the mail for $1000.00.