questionswill you visit borders on the edge of oblivion?


Is that like going to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe?


Considering I never really shopped at Borders when they weren't going out of business and that Borders is a bookstore and...not to sound anti-intellectual here, I haven't read any books by choice in the last...well...ever. No, I likely will not visit a Borders for a final liquidation sale.


I went Christmas shopping when they hit %40 off. Bought mostly LEGOs. Their 20% markup combined with the %40 off made them 20% cheaper than anywhere else.

Picked up quite a few of the Architecture series.


Well, since there isn't a Borders within 50 miles of me, I probably won't bother.

I love books. I used to love Waldenbooks (they were acquired by Borders years ago). I'm just hoping that Barnes & Noble doesn't fall victim to the same thing. Then again, I also patronize the local book stores (not chains, actual book stores), and I'm sure that I'm an exception. Sadly.

I used the store locator, and it said there was one near me, if you want to call 80 miles near. I'm thinking it isn't.


I did my fair share of checking out the rapidly decaying husk that is my local Borders. Got some nice deals out of it, and sorry to see them go.


I've gone a couple of times since they had their "going out of business" sales.

Their prices were already so inflated that even now with their 50%-60% off their prices are finally matching those I find online.

I've never fully understood why people feel the need to buy brand new books. Between the local library and, I found any/every book my wife or I wanted to read at a fraction of the price of a New books bookstore.

I bought a couple of books last weekend from them for a great price. So I can't hate too much.


I've already hit the Borders liquidation sale a couple of times. Spent $50 just last week when nearly everything at my local store was 70% off. I'll probably check it one last time after work today. They still had a fair selection of DVDs last week (I got The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on Blu-Ray for $9), so it might be worth a look to see if there are any left.


Just got back from my last trip to Borders and it was worth it. Picked up the Monty Python 16-ton Megaset for $30, a Sting concert blu-ray for $5, a Pearls Before Swine collection for $2, a couple of A. Lee Martinez novels (very funny horror/comedy writer) for $2 each, Chris Jericho's last autobiography "Undisputed" in hardcover for $7 and a couple of knick-knacks.


@packmanv29: Close enough. Love those books. Shame he's gone.


I just bought some wall fixtures uber-cheap and got 80% off several coffee table books I had been eyeing up. Several young kids 3-D paint and model kits ($1.25 each). One of the Borders out here had an espresso shop inside. They were selling off all the fixtures and equipment super cheap, but anything I was interested in already had a sold sticker.


I got a few books I had seen earlier, but didn't buy.

There were a few I was hoping to find for less, since they were still cheaper on Amazon, even at 60% off, but by now, they were gone.

My girlfriend bought eight books, though, in addition to the six she bought last week and the handful she bought over the past few months. She reads constantly, though, and has much broader interests.

The only thing I saw for 90% off was the magazine rack. We also got an additional 15% off for buying eight or more items.


Are you kidding? I've been going to every Borders I can find so far! The deals keep getting cheaper, and my purchases keep getting dumber!


I hope to go Sunday; I'd planned on going Saturday, but Rocky Mountain Comic Con is on, as is the annual Twist and Shout/Tattered Cover sidewalk sale.


I would have to travel at least a few hours to reach the closest Borders that is still in business; I haven't had one in my area code for about at year or so already (closest one closed before the first big round of closings).

So no, I will not. Happy hunting to those who have the luxury of having a Borders remaining in their area.