questionswhat kind of dishwasher detergent do you use?


I use the action packs (gel) and jet dry or something similar. My knives don't like scented detergent, so I have to get the regular ones. That's fine with me, because why would you want your clean silverware to smell like fruit? I've never understood that.


I use the little tabs with the powerball (can't recall the brand ). They've seemed to work the best and you can often get them on sale at Target or Publix (in the Southeast). I've also found that jet dry works wonders if you are left with deposits on your glasses, etc.


I use the solid packs but have been meaning to try the gel packs. A definite YES on the Jet-Dry. Err, until recently that is... the Jet-Dry dispenser must have gotten clogged in my dishwasher and my glassware and silverware have had water spots ever since.