questionscan i pair a cordless phone with bluetooth…


...what? Is that even a thing?
Do they even make cordless phones with bluetooth? I am confuzzled!

Huh... I guess they do.


Let me see if I can explain this.

OK. So there are cordless phones that can also act as bluetooth headsets and can receive calls from cell phones and ring their handsets.

It's possible that the cordless phone can receive caller ID from the cell phone.

What you're wanting to do is pair your computer with the cordless phone and have your computer pretend to be the cell phone in this scenario. And you expect to be able to get caller id from your landline calls to the PC.

That doesn't make any sense at all. First off, the bluetooth feature doesn't appear to even touch the landline at all - it just makes the handsets act as wireless audio for a cell phone. Even if you could simulate a cell phone on your PC, all you'd be able to really do is send virtual phone calls to your cordless phone. The computer wouldn't be receiving calls at all.


@omnichad: I guess I did not provide all the information here surrounding my question. There is an app for Media Center called W7CallerID ( that supports bluetooth handsfree profile. My thought was that since this software already has BT recognition (for connecting a cell phone) why wouldn't it work for this?

Eventually I'll try it, but it does make sense (assuming it works) in my environment, because I need to keep another PC on just to host the analog modem and server broadcast to my media center.


So I went and tried this, but sadly, unsuccessful. The big reason is that the cordless phone basically became a giant hands free unit. It will receive, but not send, caller ID so it did not work as I had hoped. I have a support email into Uniden, but I guess technology is not ready for my needs :)