questionswhere can i get books for my kindle?


I haven't heard much about Kindle's update to work with Overdrive (libraries) since April. I think it might not be out yet.

Overdrive says it will be released later this year:

Amazon does have a free book section. Has a book about Benjamin Franklin. Other stuff, too, I think:


Google Project Gutenberg.

Then Google "calibre".


That would be ...over 36,000 free downloads but they appear to be only the "classics".


There are quite a few Ebooks on Amazon from free, 99cents, $2.99, etc. Search under Best sellers on the Kindle page. I have read really good books that came out for free and then were released and regular price later on. Its not all just the classics. I just ordered a 5-star novel for $2.99 - but free gets me every time!


Here is an article that lists 5 sources for free books for your Kindle (with one of them being the Project Gutenberg that was already mentioned)


I think a place called Amazon sells ebooks on occasion


Besides Project Gutenberg (mentioned above) and Amazon itself, I also get free Kindle format books from Feedbooks:


To expand on the mention of Calibre above: that is a tool that allows you to manage and convert various ebook format. However, conversion is only possible as long as they are not DRMed.


Speaking of loaning ebooks from libraries...

Makes my blood boil. HarperCollins requires libraries to repurchase a license (because you know... you never actually OWN an ebook...) for their books after every 26 check outs.

And here's an interesting perspective from some librarians:


Try . . the choices aren't great but it's something. (Some books are able to be lent--once--from one Kindle account to another.)

Also, visit the Web site of or call your local library. My library in NJ has a limited selection of books you can borrow, but again, it's something. YMMV. On the other hand, The New York City library has a very large collection. Like regular books, you may have to wait your turn to "borrow" an e-book.


It lists all the free books available on You can sort by genre, past 24 hrs, include or exclude erotica, etc. You'll never be lacking something to read!


the best website I have found for the ebook deals is