questionshow do i contact support at woot?


Any .woot site except deals is . If you have a problem with something on deals.woot you need to contact the does not sell anything.

ETA: Check out the "what is deals.woot" link. It leads to the FAQ and contact links.


Thank you. No problem with a product. Problem when I am trying to post deals...picture doesn't come up. Not sure why it won't load. Seeing if a problem on my end. Thanks!


@traumagrl: Tattle on your deals and request that they (mods) find a photo for you. This has happened to me, too. Good luck!


@traumagrl: Weird. I saw some of those (with the "Loading" image) but was looking for other things. I just now tried to add the deal for the fancy guitar that you'd added, and (if it makes you feel any better) got precisely the same problem. I tried again from a vendor that was a storefront on Amazon (the link below), and STILL got the same issue.

Here's your original link:

It doesn't make any sense. It's just a fancy guitar.

@hizzo87, @prettywootprincess, @faughtey (at least one of those will be able to forward it to someone who can look into it, and perhaps even add your picture, too).


Thanks all! I'm hoping support will figure it out on Monday when they are back in. I like to shop on Amazon a lot so find a lot of deals on there that i would like to share. It bums me out that I can't get the pics to load. Thanks for your input and for trying to load the photos yourself to see if it would work for you. Much appreciated!


@traumagrl: I just tried posting a deal for each of the two guitars linked above, and both deals posted successfully.

Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said.


@magic cave: Her deal was fixed a while ago. I just don't think she noticed, is all.


Wow! Fixed. I wonder how though. Haven't heard anything from support. Hopefully someone will fill me in...or maybe they just fixed some kind of a link. Thanks all!


@traumagrl: For problems with your deal like this, it's best to just tattle on it. Staff can grab a screen shot of the guitar and add it to the deal. Only staff magical powers can do that though.


@traumagrl: You shouldn't expect to hear anything from them. They tend to slip in quietly, fix the problem, then slip away again without a word. (In my dreams they do this to clean my house, too, but then I awaken to the harsh reality of mess that no one will clean if I don't do it.)


@thunderthighs: I have a staff. It has magical powers. I'll be running along now.......


@thunderthighs @belyndag Thank you both! Know what to do if I run into a problem again!


@traumagrl: When you add the deal you can arrow over to select other images. I did that I got the guitar on the 3rd option.


File a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas against woot.

Enough complaints and the Attorney General will have to do something.

They ignore the BBB & E-mails.


I received a akr an/Kardon speaker from woof. It will not power up. What is the procedure to return this defective product to Woof?