questionswhat do you think of the google glasses?


"google goggles" is actually an app on android developed by google (a pretty cool one too), and fairly separate from the google project glass.

But I do think they look sweet if they can keep the price reasonable.


That seems kind of unlikely as they only cover up one eye and even that not completely. It doesn't seem like it would interfere with field of vision much more than a pair of thick-framed sunglasses or similar.

I'm definitely not the target market for these things but I definitely like that they're thinking futuristically.


#1: At $1600, I'll let someone else be the early adopter on this one.

#2: As far as getting hit by a truck due to a malfunction, I don't think Google Glass runs Apple Maps.

Cheap shot at Apple aside, I think anyone walking out into the middle of the street without looking just because a computer told them to needs to be removed from the gene pool anyway.


@countdown: I was going to say the same thing about Google goggles. I thought that was what this question was about. I love Google goggles and use it at least once a day.


I think I need to have a pair before I form an opinion.


As a phone (it better work as a phone), it will get subsidized considerably. I will not adopt it right away, but will be in the 2nd wave to get a pair.


@morriea: My understanding is it will pair with a smartphone. Although I have not done a ton of research, but that would be a heck of a lot of electronics and batteries if it were to entirely replace the phone. Saves power and weight to offload the work to another nearby device that people are already used to carrying.

@conanthelibrarian it is a sweet app. I use it for QR codes mainly but have also identified some art and landmarks with it. I was secretly excited when seeing this question as well. I thought maybe some new features were added.


Interesting prototype....but I'll wait.


Cool, but, and I hate to be this guy but I was in the restroom at work and someguy had his phone least the phone was visible. If he was recording video with glasses who would know, he just did not take the glasses off, who takes his glasses off when going to the restroom?

Reminded me of Alan Alda Scientific America fronteirs "INVENTING THE FUTURE" SHOW 701 PRIVATE EYES


They are worthless without the connection to the satellite laser targeting system. 'OK GLASS, blow that thing over there up'

And does the camera let you zoom in on things and display it in the window? That would be cool too.