questionshave you heard of amazons new auto-rip feature?


That's awesome! I've bought a ton of CDs from Amazon over the years. A lot from the marketplace, so I don't exactly expect those to be added to my cloud, but that's still really cool. I like having that additional back up.


Great Find!
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Fascinating! That adds another layer of complexity to the question I asked a while ago:

So now I need to check the price on each album as an MP3, as a CD, and as a CD with auto-rip when I shop at Amazon?


Oh Hell's Donkeys!!!!!

They did it! They added music I previously purchased. Including the HANNAH MONTANA AND MILEY CYRUS CDs I PURCHACED FOR MY THEN 5 & 6 YEAR OLD NIECES THREE YEARS AGO!!!


What's a middle-aged metal-head to do?!?!?!

Not to mention the Fresh Beat Band that I purchased for my kids, and the Norah Jones, Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood for my wife.

Oddly enough, only one CD was actually for me. U2. 2004. Not even metal.


I woke up today, and this got my pumped for the day!


This is good. Remember, the copyright laws allow you to sell a CD but not necessarily an MP3. So, if you buy a CD and then later want to give it away or sell it, you may have the right to do it because it's not licensed -- it's a physical item.

Software and MP3's fall under different copyright laws. Autodesk sued a person that was trying to sell an original of Autocad on eBay or Craigslist and Autodesk won that case because you do not own it but only license it and the license specifically said it is not transferrable to another person.

These are handled on a case by case basis. MP3's sold by Apple through iTunes may be transferrable but those on Amazon may not be (or vice versa)

So now what happens if you buy a CD and then get the MP3's too? Can you sell the CD but keep the MP3's? Who knows?!?!?


Up and operating on my Amazon account. 301 new songs added from CDs I've purchased over the years. Every CD was a "used CD" purchased on Amazon. Nice to know new and used CDs are included. Interesting.


Funny that someone asked this question on the Amazon site:

Can you please extend AutoRip to vinyl record purchases?


Mine aren't showing up. Is there something I have to DO to make it happen?


@rayray8822: Replying to myself.

I just got an email right after I posted this saying that 12 of the CDs I bought have been uploaded.

(Incidentally, one of the was STOLEN back in 2001 by a good-for-nothing roommate, and I had meaning to re-purchase. Now I don't need to!)

Amazon continues to rock.


@rayray8822: Replying to myself replying to myself

Don't get Cloud PLAYER confused with Cloud DRIVE. They're two separate things now. These tracks won't show up in Cloud Drive, only Player.


@rayray8822: Amazon continues to rock? Now there's a sentiment one doesn't hear every day on woot! :)


TIL: people have purchased CDs since 1998


Auto-Rip? We've got the makings for a fart joke.


Sweet! I love this feature!!! Let's see if my recent Al Green purchase is there!

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I purchased a Christmas compilation cd directly from Amazon in November (I hate cd's, but it was way cheaper than buying the mp3s) and the tracks haven't appeared in my Cloud Player, nor have I received any email notification. Anyone know if this will be slow to roll out to everyone?

Also, I view this as a huge plus. (other than the whole Woot! thing) Amazon always rocks my world. Go Amazon, Go!


Awesome product. I've always wondered why they (B&N, Amazon, etc.) haven't done this with books such that you buy a hard copy, get a free e-book. DVDs have made free digital downloads available for some time; glad to see Amazon has caught up with CDs.


I've bought a bunch of CDs from them in the last 3 years but I can only think of one that wasn't from a marketplace seller. I like CDs but the ones Amazon sells are way too expensive when I can get a used copy for $3 (shipped).

I guess I'll live. It takes less than a minute to rip a new CD to my PC.


The sad thing about this is that the .mp3 offered for these are better quailty then the normal mp3 they offer. mp3 stores (192kbps) vs auto-rip (256 kbps)


This is a great move by Amazon. Then I got my email and I found out that the only CDs I've bought were about 8-9 years ago and don't really listen to much anymore. But, still, a great idea.


If only Deals.Woot had an auto-RIP feature, amirite?


Yes and I am super stoked about it.


Just got my auto rips added to my account. Some CDs were from 5 years ago.


Now let's get this going with books!


Dang! I just found 353 songs n my cloud! Some I don't even remember ever buying, but they're my style of music, so I probably have them in the CD stacks somewhere.

What a great bennie!


I just had 42 albums added to my cloud.


Auto-rip ripped me off! I only got 6 songs from a 13-song album. The other CDs it found all ripped just fine.


apparantly I have only purchased a single CD from amazon that I get auto-ripped. Oh well, Everyone can't win I suppose.


@samstag: Not sure a free feature they added later that you didn't pay for up front can rip you off. Sort of like complaining that you got ripped of because the $10 you found on the ground won't cover you're whole lunch.


I don't like using CD's, but I still buy 95% of my music that way. I take them out of their jewel cases, and they go in a binder like this:

Where they take up almost no space. They are ripped to 192Kbps AAC files with embedded cover art and the CD is my permanent backup.

Right now, my wife and I have somewhere around 250 CD's and they just take up a little space on a top shelf in a closet.

And it's usually cheaper than buying MP3's.

I do the same with my DVD's, but unfortunately my Blu-Ray collection is still on a shelf.


As a heads up... when purchasing CDs if you do not want them to be "AutoRipped" make sure to mark the item as a "gift." Gift purchases will not be added to your cloud.

Also according to Amazon if you decide to return the CD, the songs will be removed from your cloud and you will not be charged. However, if you have downloaded any of the songs from your cloud and you return the CD you will automatically be charged the full MP3 album price (whether it is more or less than the CD).