questionslooking for a 64gb flash card, any suggestions?


I have a suggestion on where NOT to look - eBay. Many are fake.

Spend a bit more and get one from a REPUTABLE place like Newegg or Amazon themselves. Other places ... proceed at your own risk.


Also make sure you get a reputable brand and read consumer reviews. Speed tests seem to be a major issue.


Look up the cards' feedback on Amazon or Newegg. I stay away
from cards whose lowest ratings are 10% or more of all feedback.
I realize that this is not representative of all users, as unhappy
buyers are more likely to complain, but I would rather pay more
for a reliable brand.

Despite my problems with Sandisk Cruzer slider USB flash drives,
I still trust Sandisk for SDHC and SDXC. Beach Camera (reputable co.) has had a 64 GB Sandisk SDXC for $60 w/ free shipping.

When buying Sandisk or Kingston, be sure to buy from a reputable
vendor, and keep the packaging. Counterfeiters make fake versions
of these brands, and even reputable vendors could sell you a fake. sold me a Kingston USB flash drive which failed. Kingston
tech support told me it was a fake.