questionswould you like to join me in wishing a happy…


Happy birthday, Barbie! I confess, I had at least a dozen. I wasn't much of a babydoll kid, but I loved my Barbies! I had most of her family and friends, too. I was a bit sad when I got to be "too old" for Barbie and had to watch my younger sister get the new and cool accessories.


As a child of the 70's, I loved my Barbies! I had Malibu Barbie and of course, Ken. My Barbie went camping in her Barbie Camper all the time - I think she may have lived quite a hippie lifestyle in it! I had a Barbie Airplane also, so she was a "stewardess" for a while!

I don't listen to the critics - Barbie was GREAT!


My grandmother was quite a seamstress and made clothes for all her granddaughter's Barbies. The Ken dolls were pretty much out of luck, but my Barbies were always stylin'!!!


This needs to be sung to the "Happy Birthday" tune.

"Happy Birthday to you,

Your sister's hot too.

I'd do her in a heartbeat

But I don't look good in handcuffs."


I learned about anatomy from my sister's Barbie dolls. Boy, was I surprised when I got my first real specimen.....