questionswhat apps should i add?


Pick up an ultraviolet player, definitely. Otherwise, I got nothing.


If it's one of the new Samsungs, the first thing you need to do is go into the picture settings and turn off the Auto Motion Plus. I think it's turned on by default, and all it does is increase the frames per second, turning your favorite movies into bad soap operas.


@dmaz: It also prevents you from watching movies in their native frame rate (24fps). I second the recommendation to turn it off.


I was going to post a similar question about apps for my new Smart TV, but you aren't getting many suggestions, darn it. Guess I'll pass.


My girlfriend was thrilled with the Amazon Prime app that came with the BluRay player she got me. Our TiVos don't get access to the Prime library and there are some shows that she bought that aren't viewable any other way now. My player also had some video services I had never heard of before and several of them had a bunch of free movies available. Make sure you take a good look through all of the apps that come pre-installed so you don't miss out on anything.