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You can usually find a 40% off coupon for Michaels, which makes them a good deal. The Michaels in my area has a decent selection, unfortunately very heavy on the snap-tite kind.


@capitalggeek: Good suggestion -- Michael's runs that coupon in the newspaper inserts pretty much weekly.

You can also do a search for "coupon codes" for Michael's.


This is the place I used to order from when I was a kid in the 1960's. They were located in Scranton, PA (my grandparent's hometown) and had a catalog the size of a smaller town phonebook full of models, slot cars and quarter-midget stuff. The vintage catalogs are available occasionally on eBay and they aren't cheap. Now re-opened in Indiana under new ownership under the old logo, they look to have one of the largest selections in the country.


@capitalggeek: Another 40% OFF coupon is usually in the back of the Joanne Fabric weekly flyer in the rack @ the front of the store. They don't have models per se, but they have a lot of stuff to accessorize & customize, as well as some crafty stuff that can be used for modeling.


I guess this is a deal site, so michaels and joanns would be easy answers. but as a model builder, revell is a mediocre brand. If anything, the poor quality of their parts offer more value to expert builders that can overcome the shortcomings.

Tamiya makes superior models that require little to no modification, best local source for tamiya is going to be hobbytownUSA, online you can go to amazon, ebay, (towerhobbies model site), or tamiya themselves. Plastic-models does have coupons, right now I see $10 off an order of $50+.