questionsdo you get all of the amazon apps that are the…


Just the ones I will use.


Just the ones that I will eventually use. That's because all those programs show up in one huge list. Then, when I want to find one that I downloaded last week, I have to scroll though thousands of programs to find it.

To make things worse, I download those that I might use some day in the future -- not right away. So when I'm ready to use it, I cannot remember the name of the program and that makes it difficult to find too.

I just counted mine and discovered I have 157 in my digital library. AND that's selecting them carefully without getting them all.


@cengland0: If I remember correctly there is a way to remove the apps from your list.

1. Log into your Amazon account
2. Click on "Your Account"
3. Under "Digital Management" click on "Your Apps and Devices".
4. On the next screen you should see all of the apps you have downloaded (even apps you have removed from your phone). Click on the "Actions" button to the right of any app. A box will open and one of the things you'll be able to do is delete that app.

I hope this helps.


@jnissel: What happens to that app if I need it again in the future? Since I deleted it, will I have to pay for it later? Or, even though it's deleted, there's a hidden list behind the scenes that still tracked the purchase so it's free to buy it again?


@cengland0: I don't have the answers to those questions. Maybe Amazon could answer them.

Just to let you know. I don't delete the apps off of Amazon. I archive all of the .apk files I download onto DVD's. That way if I ever want any program again I just copy it back to the phone and install it. I've never had any problems doing that.

I rename the file, and add where I got it along with the version number, so I can keep track of it. For example;

"whatevername.apk" is changed to;

"Program Name (Amazon) 2.3.3 (whatevername).apk"

Obviously, I do not use the quotation marks in the naming.


@cengland0: Here is what it says when I try to delete an app:

"Are you sure you want to delete this app? Doing so will permanently remove this app from your account and may prevent it from running properly on any devices it's currently installed on. You will have to purchase this app again if you want to use it."


A lot of the Amazon free apps that I've tried have been really, really weak, so I've really stopped even trying them. The freebies were great around Christmas, but a few of them have been really poorly designed or just knock-offs of other games.


@arevan: If that's what happens when you delete an app, then I'll just keep it in the list.


I only get the ones I think I need. If there was a way to make folders on the apps page of my tablet (maybe there is and I haven't found it yet) then I'd be willing to have more apps. But just getting the ones that I think I am going to use has already accumulated 3 pages of apps and it's a pain to sort through them to find the one I want.


@cengland0: I have found that all of the 'free apps of the day' that I have downloaded and then uninstalled, can be reinstalled at any time I've wanted them in the future. Seems like it 'sees' that you have purchased them and holds on to them like you have purchased them. That's been my experience with them.

Edit: I see that this goes right in the face of what @arevan has said...interesting.


I "purchase" all, download, but don't install most of them. Getting the free app of the day means that it's in my purchase history so I should be able to re-download/install them later on.

Some situation might come up when this might be useful. I actually can give an example of this. I was stuck with my younger relatives for a few days and they started to get bored fairly quickly. Using my Android phone, I downloaded some of the past free app of the day games that showed up in the "My Apps" section and let them have at it for awhile. Good sanity break.


@stupimlico: I have downloaded all of the free App of the Day and have uninstalled all but maybe 5 or 6. I archived them as I stated in a previous post. All of the apps I've uninstalled still show up in my Amazon account and I am able to download them again or, if I want, copy them from my archive and reinstall them.

What arevan is referring to is deleting them from your Amazon account, not simply uninstalling them.


@jnissel: I take it they're like books you purchase (whether free or no) & then archive, correct?


save them all in my account for later.


@pamfenway: You are correct.

The following is from Wikipedia:

"Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto the Google's Android operating system."

Once the program is installed there are several programs available that will make the installed file into an APK file. Depending on which program you want to use you might need to root your phone.

Once I save these files I copy them over to my computer. I do this by using a USB cable to connect my phone to my computer and then simply copy the files over to the computer. I archive them on a DVD-RW disc and then when the disc is full I copy the contents to a DVD-R disc.


@jnissel: yeah, but you will never get updates doing it that way.


@jnissel: Thank you, actually. I was looking for the way to get rid of stupid programs I will never use! I greatly appreciate that.


@jnissel: ah, thank you for clarifying that!


@iggz: You can still get updates. It can be done two different ways where you won't be charged. You can either reinstall the program from your backup and then use your Amazon app as you would normally do. The app will let you know if an update is available. If there is simply download and install it.

You can also simply search for the name of the program while you're in the Amazon app. Once it's found you can see if the version number is newer than the one you have. If it is newer just download it. As long as you downloaded the original from Amazon, and you have not deleted the app from your apps list on Amazon, you will be able to download and install it.

I have used both methods and have never had any problems.


@geredeth: You're welcome. I'm glad I could help you.


@jnissel: Yeah, you're right. My situation was different (different Google accounts).


Once you get something over 150 apps the appstore becomes a pain to use. I used to get them all, but not I only get them if they look REALLY good.