questionsi need a good source for a sata hard drive for…


Seagate, probably cheapest through newegg. They have a good warranty, too.


Soaring? They're topped out and coming down. SLOWLY, but it's happening. Be patient- Seagate has said it'll be the end of the year before they're caught back up, and they're probably the biggest manufacturer.
Drives are starting to go on sale again, but supplies are still very limited and prices should be much lower in just a few months.


@havocsback: That's my point though - I need a drive soon, not in a few months :) Even used will do.

Thanks for your comment.


I noticed the instructions weren't too clear on 3.5 or 2.5 hard drive. DVR is set up for a 3.5 drive. I didn't want a clanky disc drive, so I put in a 2.5 Solid State Drive (SSD)(Needs a BRACKET adapter unless you don't care). I didn't want a constant spinning disc or any noise to let the bad guys know where to find my hidden DVR. I use a Patriot Torqx2 SSD SATAII at 64G (I know, only 3 days of 4 camera - 24 hour record, but that's enough for my home and budget).
To keep the bad guys from killing power, I am using a Belkin Gateway RG Battery Backup unit BU3DC001-12V with a splitter for both the DRV AND cameras.

System works great for my needs, not like I'm guarding the PINK PANTHER.


I just found Western Digital AV-GP on ebay, new and used, 500G, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB
Check them out.