questionsever received an email like this?


Clever marketing plan. "We know that you SAID you don't want emails from us but we're gonna send you one anyway. Just in case you changed your mind. Let's just call it a little glitch."


I have not found anything quite so blatant, but I think that the practice happens now and then. Google "One bite at the apple" and you might find an interesting court case or two.

The basic premise is that, even though you've told them NOT to, they try just once, you say "NO" again, and they say "oops, sorryyyyyy" (just as though they were actually sorry). I'm sure it's standard operating procedure for them. If it were men, I wouldn't give them more money, and I'd sent them a letter telling them why (not an email, an actual letter). Look up to see who is the highest link in the food chain, and then address it to them.

Whenever I've received email where I know I checked the box, I call them. Phone calls are very expensive for companies. Calling turns out to be very effective.


Found the quote I was looking for:

{"We call it the 'one bite at the apple' rule. Give me one chance [and] then I
won't contact you again." - Direct Marketing Ass'n position on e-mail spam(CNN)
With 24 million small businesses in the US alone, that's way too many apples.}


Maybe there was a glitch on their website that subscribed everyone, no matter whether they checked the box or not.

Now, since they don't know who checked the box and who didn't, they sent out the email to all recent purchasers.

They don't want to anger the people who did subscribe by unsubscribing them, so they leave everyone subscribed and send out the email letting you know about the problem.


@shrdlu: I would have thought it'd be too many bites, since the apple seems to be the consumer and the biter the spammer, who is trying to sneak one try in.


@psaux: Not my words. That's a quote, and from someone who intends to go right on being a jerk. CAN-SPAM was pointless. It's so watered down it permits that kind of nonsense. Spammers. I hates 'em.


Never received one like that, but I have received emails after I know future contact was declined.


I finally had to block Walgreens, just couldn't get them to stop sending emails.