questionswho here has ever gotten an automatic starter…


I had a viper installed by Circuit City to my truck a while ago. It was like $120 for the system and install (which included starter plus door unlock/lock). Then since there's a chip in my key, I had to buy another part for them to put in for like $20. I like it, works well. I think it's only a 1/4 mile system and it's only a one way (vs a two-way, that confirms the engine started).


Oh man that was a good price. I got one for my mom, they put it in for almost $400. When it stopped working I almost took it back, but I found out that you can unhook your battery for 20 minutes.
I found out that the car can only be 'hot wired' so many times (the car counts) and starting a car with a remote is hot wiring it remotely.
I installed the one on my wife's car. Picked up a new unopened one from a garage sale for $15. When her car starter stopped working, I did the same thing I unhooked the battery for 20 minutes, and it worked again.


@caffeine_dude: That seems annoying. Do you know the exact count?


@devexityspace: it is up to the car, the car counts the number of hot wires. It was over a year before the started stopped working.