questionswould you like a quick access widget on all woot…


Widget away! Like it very much! Of course, you would miss scrolling down to see the daily survey, great feature write-up and the the outside ads. Chances are you would eventually visit all the full pages anyway, at least I would.


On most (but not all) Woot! pages, there's a sidebar under the advertisements (a div with class "module" and "onOtherWoots") that seems to do just this. Not sure why it's not on every page, but it's usually good enough for me.

I like the idea of twitter/facebook sized buttons, maybe with one letter on each button, somewhere on the page. In fact, I swear I've seen that somewhere before .. maybe on one of the Woot! iOS apps?


@sirlouie: I've never seen an advertisement on a woot page. Then again, I have Adblock installed in all my browsers, so I see very little, if any, advertising !!! Yippie, the way the internet was made to be, AD FREE, just like the old VCRs that had a button you could press to FF through the commercials for recorded shows.


Here's what we non-adblock folks see - this screenshot was taken from the main page:


@sirlouie: Thanks. That's what I see also, but it's only on the main page for each site. So when you select the product, are in the community, etc, there's nothing like that. If they simply added that to every page, that would be good.