questionswhat is your opinion on the woot! $5.00 shipping?


Any company that is willing to ship extremely heavy stuff or lovely things like wine for $5 is a winner in my book. I'm willing to wait a bit in order to save myself shipping costs.


If there is an item that I really wanted/needed right away, I wouldn't be getting it from woot. Most of the purchases from woot are great deals that I couldn't pass up, but didn't intend on buying until I saw it. $5 for shipping on any item, no matter the size seems like a great deal, and worth the wait for. I usually get it within a week anyhow.

*Crap excluded - I want that ASAP


I like that the shipping is still $5 no matter if you buy one or three. On cheaper things, I almost always buy three for that reason, and keep the extras for gifts. All the other daily deal sites I know charge equal shipping for each item. So if I want two, I make two separate purchases, so they have to ship them separately. Passive-aggressive, I know, but maybe they will see the light and share some of the combined shipping savings.

As far as shipping speed goes, I'm with @lichme -- it's usually not a big rush, so I'm ok to wait and save the money. I have paid twice for shipping on a woot shirt, to get it in time for a gift or vacation though.


I live local to the woot office and always receive my orders quickly.

Additionally, I had an issue with 1 order and woot delivered it the very next day (Which was a Saturday). $5 for this service no matter what the item is, is magnificent.


I like the fact that you always know what shipping will be. Most orders I've placed have been for heavier items, so it's been a huge savings. From the wine.woot side of things, it's usually great, but I do miss the free shipping that many other online wine sites offer with a minimum # of bottles purchased.

I recently bought an item with the shipping weight of 41 lbs. And shipping was only $5, NICE.

Living on the east coast, things to take a while to arrive, but it hasn't been an issue for me.


I'm a fan. Yeah, it can take a while (to the point of possibly forgetting that you even had something coming in) but, as already said, the things we get off Woot are generally impulse buys that we don't NEED, but just so happened to find just shiny enough to buy. The fact that shipping costs don't go up for additional items is huge. I don't think I've gotten anything crazy large, that would cost much more than $5 to ship, but the fact that even if I somehow get a mattress or something from them, and it'll still only be $5 is pretty nice.