questionswhat is your opinion of the new kindle fire?


I think the Kindle Fire is a game changer. It may not be as powerful as the iPad but for $199 I would definitely get one. The New Kindle Fire is really cool.


I ordered 3. One for me and one for each of the kids. Being an ebook reader wasn't enough to put me over the edge on the kindle, but this is cheap enough to justify the price. I have seen people say that the color nook is the same thing, but it really isn't. Last I checked, Amazon was one of the strongest companies in the world.. even more so than google and actually right up there with Apple if not more so now.

Plus, I love their company. I have amazon prime as a student so it only costs me $39 which is just awesome.


I am not too thrilled... it is a closed system. you can't even access Google market for apps. No GPS, no 3G, only 8GB storage. I would consider, if it had GPS atenna. Imagine, running Navigon map on this 7" while driving.
Since Amazon has cut so many corners, I would rather get Asus or iPad and download Amazon Kindle app for books. Now days, you can pick up Asus 32GB for little over $200. Much better choice!!!