questionswhat bacon products do you think will appear in…


Anything really, as it is the shirt.woot side sale is going to bankrupt me. I'm doing an entire bacon theme for my brother for Christmas this year, so almost anything bacon (that I can afford, lol) will end up as his gift :)


As long as I can acquire some of the sweet delicious Kosher goodness that is Baconsalt and/or Baconaisse, I think I'm ok with this farewell.

I'm looking forward to Thursday, when Woot posts a giant slab of Bacon for sale on the front page with the caption "You didn't ACTUALLY think we'd stop, did you?"


undergarments manufactured from re-purposed bacon

no1 no1

@no1: How would one re-purpose bacon? Where you acquire said bacon? How was it not eaten?


The only one that I "know" will show up is Bacon Salt. Bacon band-aides will probably pop up. I wouldn't put something USB + Bacon out of the question...


I got some of that bacon jam on wine.woot in a previous woot-off. Not too impressed, though I only tried a little. It might be better on something instead of straight. I'm guessing they'll have more of that bacon jam though, since it's shown up a few times in woot-offs.


You had me at bacon...sorry, I have to get the drool off my keyboard.


+10 for Universal Serial Bacon 3.0!


The WootOff will end with the launch of Farm.Woot which will sell produce and the occasional live animal.