questionsis there something wrong with posting multiple…


It sounds more like the site you are posting about is banned or deemed as spam. There isn't a "rule" about multiple postings from a site....yet.


In addition to what @jsimsace has already said, you aren't even really posting Amazon deals. You should probably change your username to reflect the company you appear to represent, namely "cyberdeals" (which is what 100% of the Amazon deals you've posted are).

I would rather that Deals dot Woot make a rule that says Amazon storefronts should be identified as a storefront, even when they're "fulfilled by Amazon" since they are not really coming from Amazon. Several of the deals you've posted only have one or two items, which seems to violate the spirit of what folks expect from a deal. I know that eBay deals are expected to have at least 10 of an item available, and I certainly think that you should do the same.

Pointing this out to @jumbowoot, in case he's interested in examining this in detail on Monday.


The most salient point was made by @shrdlu: you're posting deals from a company you either own or are employed by, and the guideline here (which is more of a rule than a mere guideline) is that your user name should reflect that corporate connection.

For me, though, there's another point that carries almost as much weight: your "deals" are rarely considered good deals and they seldom garner any up-votes by other users. You have a total of 16 votes on 20 deals -- which should tell you clearly that folks don't much want what you're hawking. This won't get your deals deleted or banned from the site, but it does give you an indication that you're doing something wrong from the viewpoint of the very people you're trying to win as customers.