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If I remember correctly they have some kind of fair use policy where if you're going crazy downloading all the time then they'll maybe do something about it. I have Time Warner and download GBs of high def shows and movies every week and have not hit any cap yet. I think Netflix streaming - even if you watch a ton of it - should be fine.


I called my broadband provider the other day and asked them when they were going to start capping usage, or even if they were going to do it.

The rep I talked to said starting in October, if I exceed my allowed usage by a certain amount, I'll be charged an extra $5 on my bill for that month. If I exceed it by more, I'll be charged an extra $10 on my bill, and so on.

So I think that if your provider is using the same approach, you'll be charged for overages but not capped - it won't suddenly stop letting you d/l, in other words.

You can call them and ask for directions to check your usage online in real time - I occasionally check mine to see if any tenants or guests are d/l tons of stuff. It's a handy way to keep track of my bandwidth usage and see if I'm getting close to the limit, which is generous (10 megs a month) but you never know if someone's decided they want to torrent the entire "The Wire" or "Lost" series. :)


Your best bet is to either call Time Warner or peruse their site for limitations. We have Comcast which is a cable internet service and we are limited to 250GB of data per month and we are not allowed to get a second line or pay for more. If we go over our limit 3 times, they will disconnect us and with 4 users in the house, we keep a close eye on our usage.


@theoneill555: Ugh. Comcast is horrible. I'm sorry to see that they're your provider. Mr. Yuck face


@nastyducky: Except for the cap we have no problems with them (unless you count the fact that they are not putting Doctor Who on "On Demand" until a week after it airs)


Found it:
No specific limits - just a general note. "The ISP Service may not be used to engage in any conduct that interferes with Operator's ability to provide service to others, including the use of excessive bandwidth."
That's for the Charlotte NC area - your area may be different.


@theoneill555: Go to this page and scroll to the bottom:
Let's Kill Hitler has been there for at least 2-3 days. I don't know if they will keep this up, but they did it for this week.


@nastyducky: 10 megs? Megabytes? That's nothing.