questionswhy did my red box deal get deleted?


Also worth pointing out...I've seen countless deals that were legitimate, clear cut clones of deals posted within hours of eachother live, go popular, and never get a second look.

I guess I'm out of touch with the new "rules" around here..


Maybe because it wasn't technically a deal. It was a great offer, and a means of finding good deals in the form of free movies, but it wasn't itself a deal. I don't know, but I'm glad you posted it.


@rprebel: If that were the case, wouldn't this be up for deletion too?

(also, glad it helped heh.. I was gonna just post a comment on that popular Redbox deal, but like time I did that thunderthighs told me to add it as a deal :D)


I guess there's a fine line between posting a code for a free rental and posting a link to a site that offers said codes.

I don't know...above my pay grade.


@drchops: Sometimes deals are deleted in error, of course, but deletions are also based on human judgment, so it's not unreasonable that with some "fine line" questions, decisions could easily go in a way that makes little sense to the observers.

The entire issue could be resolved if posters of deals had a way to "look up" the reason for the deletions, something that is frequently asked for.


Drop an email to They'll give you the 411.


@magic cave: Yeah, that's why I took the time to ask this question.

I kind of figured the person who deleted it would give me an answer, or at least some kind of explanation.. especially considering how many votes it had at the point it was deleted - it's not like it was added and then immediately removed, like normally would happen.

Not really a big deal in the grand scheme... and I usually don't say anything when my "good" deals get deleted for no reason, this time it'd be nice to know though.


And thanks for all of the responses..