questionswhere can i find leds for cars?

vote-for3vote-against is one, there are a few others but most companies are still charging a massive price premium for cheap LEDs.


according to my husband who has an artcar, and a LOT of lights on his car! he says that one of these sites should have what you need. he researched prices a lot before purchasing LEDs for his car.

kinetosis kar on facebook:


If you're looking for assemblies I usually point people to or ebay for used assemblies. If you're crazy like me and want to build your own then I second and even eBay for loose LEDs. I've had good luck with a few sellers I can look up if you want more information.


I found some really good deals on eBay, when I was replacing my interior lights with LEDs. is really expensive, but they will have about everything you could want. They also have EXCELLENT customer service.