questionshow do i lose 30 lbs. by tomorrow?


Wear your most flattering outfit, breathe deep. And good luck! :)


We love you just the way you are.


Ah, if only my DW friends were in the viewing audience, supporting me. What am I saying?! Part of the charm of DW is that no one knows how I look!

And I HATE my voice when I hear it! It doesn't sound at all as I think I sound! Who is that woman with the throat bubble and the Deep South accent, y'all? She can't possibly be me! Argh!


That nervous butterfly feeling you will get in your stomach isn't avoidable....but you can harness it to your advantage.
I used to be really nervous making speeches or having the spotlight on me...but at some point in college, I realized there's almost no difference in the actual physical feeling you get from being both nervous, or really really exhilarated. They are both connected to your adrenaline, and how your mind interprets the feeling IS somewhat controlable.

Think thoughts like "Ok, I know I'm going to get butterflies, and there's nothing I can do about it...BUT how COOL is it that I'm here right now and I have everyone's attention captured! I have a controlled audience, and I can affect their impressions and thoughts on my topic! This is awesome"

When you think thoughts like that, your mind will start to interpret the butterfly feeling differently. You will start to have fun!

Don't worry about the weight! Wear a smile and have a blast! :)



Honestly just breathe and remember to not talk to fast! People when nervous in front of a camera have a tendency to race thru the interview/segment which makes it come off very unnatural. Just relax and simply have a normal conversation and you will be fine!


You know... I think I read somewhere that your lower leg weighs about 30 lbs. This should help. You're braver than I though


Just accept the fact that the camera is going to make you look fatter than you are anyway. I am always amazed at how much fatter I look on a video monitor than I look in the mirror. If you really need to lose weight overnight you are looking at amputations, then your clothing will be very loose fitting.


@dmaz: Excellent idea! I had never thought of it that way! Wow!

@raider9924: I talk too fast and too LOW when I get nervous (or so I'm told). The host andthe two staff members who have contacted me assure me that I will be "just chatting with him as I would with a friend." I've been hesitant to tell them that most of my chatting with friends involves a keyboard these days.

@capguncowboy: Urgh! I actually clicked on that! I don't know what I was expecting, but URGH! And I'm not so brave. I'm actually petrified!

I've been assured time and time again that people WANT you to do well when you're giving a speech or being interviewed, and this show is all about positive news so I won't be ambushed on anything, but I'm still nervous. I gave a presentation at a conference last fall that is online, and I've never had the nerve to watch it. At this point, I'm certainly not going to watch it until after this interview. No point in confirming my worst expectations!


Dehydrating yourself would physically make you lighter quickly (After all, you're mostly water), but it won't really make a difference in your appearance and you won't feel so well. So don't do it.

Just enjoy the show.


Well you have two legs, you could just take one off since you have the spare anyway...

You'll sell it for your organization and do a great job. Part of the host's job is to help put you at ease anyway, and you aren't running for office or anything. You're just trying to get the word out for a great group by a great person (that's you!) and ask for any help anyone can spare.

You'll nail it.


Pick something comfortable to wear. Take a deep breath and ignore the surroundings. Look at the host and let your experience take over. You would not have been asked if they did not think you would do a great job.

Will there be a online link for us?


@pattiq: "Will there be a online link for us?"

Good Lord! I hope not!


Ex-Lax, and shave off all the hair on your body.


Call @shrdlu, stat. She's an expert at dressing people for occasions. She really helped me out once. Other than that, my personal confidence boosters are Crest white strips and new lip gloss. You'll do great, good feelings your way! An amazing cause!


And PS, skip the Xanax. You'll do better alert and anxious than calm and zoned. This from a woman that is prescribed Xanax (but I only take it if desperate) for GAD.


Two words: Drink. Heavily. We all ♥ you!


OK, I got to say this so PLEASE don't throw stones or anything heavy - no pun intended.

This isn't about you - it's about the program you love and support with the most precious commodity we have - time.

As has already been stated - smile, have fun, and explain WHY you support them and have for 20 years. Must be worthwhile or you'd not do that.

Besides - what makes you think we WON'T be in the audience?????


Long ago in another life I did a lot of local TV interviews (as well as two national-network evening news programs and one segment of a national-network "magazine style" program. My favorite tips:

(1) Try to over-emote slightly; a smile that looks natural to the person sitting next to you will look almost scowly to someone watching you on TV. Think in terms of "shining brightly" and "little-child kind of happy expressions." Not clown-like, but just a bit extra emphatic.

(2) Remember you're the expert, and everyone else wants what wisdom you can share. If you make a small flub, ignore it and keep on going; no one will notice. If it's a big flub, laugh and correct yourself; people have an almost pathological fear of talking in public, and they'll all empathize with you and take it in stride. (They'll be glad it's you and not them!)



(3) Try to wear a strong, flattering color; raspberry is better than soft pink, for instance, as long as raspberry is a good color for you. Try to avoid a stark white blouse, especially with a very dark jacket. The camera person is an expert at keeping the contrast balanced, but they'll be grateful if you don't make their job harder. Make-up is similar; if you wear any, try brightening it up just a tad: a bit brighter lipstick, for instance.

(4) Keep jewelry near your face simple: avoid glittery or jingle-y earrings and bracelets; keep your necklace, brooch, or lapel pin fairly simple. Large statement pieces are fine, as long as they aren't overly sparkly or jarringly gaudy.

(5) Remember that the host wants you to do well and will guide you along with useful questions and hints. If you have time before the show, ask what sort of questions he'd like you to answer or discuss. His success depends in part on making you look good to the audience!



(6) Let yourself have fun! The world doesn't hinge on your being perfect -- all you need to do is speak from your heart and help people learn more about autism and the support group you represent. Anything you do to advance their knowledge -- even if it seems small to you --is more than they knew before hearing you. They're listening to you because they're interested in what you can tell them. Let yourself enjoy talking to them, even if you can't see them. Pretend it's just a couple of neighbors talking to you over the back fence.

I know it's awfully late, and you may not even see this before you head to the station in the morning, but I thought I'd post it just in case.

EDIT: @mtm2 just posted great advice!


Ride The Snake with Jimmy Tango's Fat Busters!!


@mtm: You're absolutely right. I need to forget about me and remember what I'm there to talk about (of course, my big fear is that ME will forget what I want to say!)

@magic cave: Thanks so very much for the suggestions. The host has a good reputation for putting folks at ease and talking to YOU, not to the cameras. I still haven't decided what to wear, but I do have some notes to study before I drive over there. They asked me in advance for some questions I would like to be asked, so if I just review what I need to say in response to these questions I should be ok.

I need to clarify to everyone that the particular group I run is not specifically dealing with autism. My son has an alphabet soup of diagnoses, and the support group I facilitate started out as a group for those with ADHD. Since ADHD rarely travels alone, most of our members are dealing with learning disabilities, ASD, Tourettes, OCD, et al. We're a hodge podge of challenges! And anxiety is on that list, too! Thanks!


Go get a colon-cleansing (if you eat red meat, this could lose you a considerable amount of weight.. close to 15lbs depending on your meat-eating habits).

Then Go to a spa and get a body wrap done followed by 30minutes in the steam-room.

Do a light 30min jog, shower, and then apply preparation-H on any areas you are concerned with and then cover in seran wrap. Go to sleep.

You will wake up toned and appear like you shaved 30lbs in 1 night!


woodchipper and a bottle of whiskey


Last minute check-in before I leave for the studio. Just realized that my roots are showing, the brush I used to apply under-eye dark circle cover cream had previously been used for gray eye shadow, and I've forgotten my own name. The good news is that I've got my talking points typed up, I actually FOUND that list, and I have a few more minutes to study them before I head out. Thanks to everyone for the tips and support!


@belyndag: We'll be here when you get back, pestering you on how it went! Have fun!


You'll be great! Just wear comfy undies and you'll be fine.


@belyndag: Well, we're waiting (tapping my fingers on my desk}. How'd it go?

You didn't faint, did you?


Survived the filming. Got so busy dealing with everyone else's issues the rest of the day I've never had a chance to get back with an update. Now heading to the 84th birthday party for my late FIL's childhood friend. He's a hoot. Such a social butterfly, I am. Thanks for the support and tips. The host wants me back semi-regularly to continue covering related topics! Not sure my nerves can take it.


@belyndag: Sounds like it went good. We expect a full report later!


@figgers3036: I thought you meant the leg (sell it for your organization).

It should be an easy interview as the host is interested in your subject. Make sure you have your facts straight (a revolutionary approach in the modern age of TV) and enjoy this great opportunity to give a voice to what you are passionate about.

Oops, a day late and a post short. Glad it went well.


Sorry I didn't post an update sooner. Things at the belyndag household got crazy busy Friday afternoon and it lasted through most of the weekend. I recorded the show and finally got up my nerve to watch it. I have mixed feelings about how I did. I didn't sound entirely stupid, the throat bubble was barely noticeable, and I was seated in a way that camouflaged most of the weight, but I could have packed for a trip to Europe in the bags under my eyes. Think Michael Emerson.

Some high points:

The green room was yellow.

Before my spot an elderly gentleman was sent over to thread my microphone under my shirt to clip on my collar. I told him that he hadn't even bought me dinner yet. He didn't get it.

While I waited the producer kept making faces at me and reminding me to breathe via pantomime.

I forgot that I was supposed to watch for the camera to turn to me before the commercial break so I didn't smile or even look that at it. (Thank goodness I wasn't nose picking or something!)



The host directed me to talk to him, not the camera. He engaged me in chatter before the spot started so when we started shooting it was an easy transition. I didn't cover everything I wanted to cover (forgot to specifically give the date and topic for our next meeting) but they scrolled our website info and I've already had some responses so I guess that was ok. He asked me to come back for at least three more shows over the next few months to discuss educational rights, social skill challenges and workplace issues, for a start. I guess that means he thought it went ok, too.


DH and DD watched the show with me and were pretty happy with it. DH suggested that I talk a bit more slowly (Dang it! I tried!), and then took me shopping for clothes to wear if I go back for more.

Wow! I won't be stealing any jobs from Katie Couric (or Al Roker), but I survived. Thanks to everyone for your support and tips. I tried to keep them in mind and it certainly made a difference.