questionsdo you and your significant other both work?


Yep...We both work, volunteer, and go to school. Not much "us" time left in the day.


My wife is disabled, and has health issues that make it difficult to keep a "normal" job. I am a graduate student, in science, so I get a stipend.

In short, I work, she does what she can.


Yes, we also work for the same company.
However, we work in different departments on different floors.
We occasionally have lunch together, it's nice.
Carpooling is definitely the biggest benefit.


Yes, though we don't live together at present so it makes sense that we both work. However, even if we lived together I cannot see either of us not working (hers is a family business and I enjoy my work too much).

Even if I were to magically become independantly wealthy (say win the lottery), I really don't see that I'd stop working and I doubt that she would either.


We used to. In November my wife went down to part time (1 12hr day) to destress while we try to get pregnant. With my recent decision to change jobs, she may need to go back to full time for a year or two to pick up on the necessary slack while I work up to the pay I have today.


I only work part time these days. When we started having kids, we sat down and figured the costs of daycare and everything else, and realized that the increase in income from both of us working was negligible after paying cjild care expenses, in addition to additional taxes from two incomes. My wife had the job with excellent health insurance and pension/retirement benefits, so she kept working even though I had a slightly higher income.

It's worked out well, although we have very little left over for luxuries like fancy cruises or vacations. The final benefit is that NO ONE will ever love or care for your kids more than you do, even the best daycare/nanny in the world.


My husband and I both work. We're relatively young and plan on having kids in a few years, so I imagine I'll be a stay at home mom for a few years or go down to working part time when/if we have kids. Having duel income is nice, especially while I'm still paying off my student loans grumble


Isn't it more common for both people to work? Unless we win the lottery, I just don't see it as an option.


Dual income here. My pay is in line with the mid-upper ones in this area, hers is crap.


We both run our business, he does the books and other money stuff and I do the customer service/ website stuff. So we're together 24/7/365...luckily we like each other a lot :-)


Yes we do. And I'm retired on top of that.


Neither of us work, we just make love and party and get deeper and deeper into debt. Living the dream!


As I have no other (significant or otherwise), my answer to the question is, "No."

@ohcheri: Shouldn't it be 24/7/366? After all this is leap year. :)


@ohcheri: I can understand how that is!

We both work full time + to run our company. I run the ecommerce/retail side and he runs the software development side. We will be opening up a storefront location the end of this year for our lingerie and more so it looks like we will be "parting ways" during the day soon. :)


We were dual income, but now I stay at home. We are lucky enough to live in an affordable area and not carry debt other than the house. Though I have no problem with jumping back in if we need the cash.